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Quotes About Magical

My thesis is that the language of poetic myth anciently current in the Mediterranean and Northern Europe was a magical language bound up with popular religious ceremonies in honour of the Moon-goddess, or Muse,
— Robert Graves —

There are days when I am convinced that Heaven starts already, now, in this ordinary life just as it is, in all its incompleteness, yet, this is where Heaven starts.. see within yourself, if you can find it. I walked through the field in front of the house, lots of swallows flying, everywhere! Some very near me..it was magical. We are already one, yet we know it not.

— Thomas Merton

The space station here is a magical place and an incredible science facility.

— Scott Kelly

I have been definitely influenced more by Latin American writers than by any other type of writer. They are very close in terms of voice - their humor, their fatalism, their ... well, that over-used term 'magical realism.' It's a wonderful term that's just been used so much, we don't know what it means anymore.

— Jessica Hagedorn

Honestly, I feel pretty awed anytime I meet just about any writer. I get how hard it is to write and make a living from it, but there's also this almost magical force you need to tap into, and I'm amazed by anyone who can do it.

— Jennifer McMahon

For me, even in my first book, the pleasures of writing anything magical is that it has to be physical. It has to be grounded and very much in this world. Then, I get to play with all the consequences of this new thing.

— Aimee Bender

This magical thinking, this idea that human and personal progress is somehow inevitable, leads to political passivity. ... It has turned whole nations, such as the United States, into self-consuming machines of death.

— Chris Hedges

I'm always looking to top the last match, I'm always looking to entertain the fans and steal the show. Before I always thought that it was a case of opportunities, but I'm learning that it's all in my control and I just want to keep on doing what I'm doing by giving my best. I've got a couple more magical matches left in me and hopefully at some stage, I guess the biggest honour would be going into the TNA Hall of Fame.

— Gail Kim

PSH - I am genuinely shocked, saddened and speechless. A truly wonderful man, with a magical touch. My hero. Thoughts are with his family

— Sam Claflin

Songwriting becomes a conscious attempt to delve into the unconscious. Even those writers who scoff at the concept of a spiritual source for their songs admit that the phenomenon of having them simply arrive feels magical.

— Paul Zollo

The word enchant comes from the Latin 'incantare', meaning to sing or chant magical words or sounds.

— Jonathan Goldman

The magical approach is indeed the natural approach to life's experience. It is the adult version of childhood knowledge, the human version of the animals' knowledge, the conscious version of 'unconscious' comprehension.

— Seth

I'm always sort of looking for projects that I can sort of put out into the world, into the public sphere, and to somehow cause an effect. I want to be able to create projects that sort of are going to make people think and think in this sort of magical, sort of fantastical way.

— Nick Cave

Language is inexorably tied to power and understanding. And power and understanding are the roots of magic. Just the act of writing something down is a magical act.

— Patrick Rothfuss

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