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Quotes About Love U Mom

When I was six years old my friend was auditioning for Annie, and I decided I wanted to audition with her. My mom was worried I would fall flat on my face because Id never opened my mouth to sing, so she sent me to vocal lessons. I did the audition and fell in love with the entire process of a show.
— Jacqueline Emerson —

Whoever hurt you had a choice to hurt you or love you. It was his choice whoever he is, not yours. It is the same as how Hank made the choice to beat on me and Mom instead of loving us the way he should have. As you told me, that was not my fault either. I believe it is the option of choice that makes evil possible. When he made his choice, you really had no choice. [said Craig]

— Sarah Richards

Mom loved my brother more. Not that she didn't love me - I felt the wash of her love every day, pouring over me, but it was a different kind, siphoned from a different, and tamer, body of water. I was her darling daughter; Joseph was her it.

— Aimee Bender

I'm nothing but a thought in the mind of God,
I'm Satan's slave; I open my eyes and flee,
I'm mankind, I worship, and I kill,
All in the name of Love, hate
I'm the slaughtered lamb, I'm luzbel
I'm the one paying for your sins,
I'm your son; I am your mom and dad,
I'm the one, who worships God,
I'm a killer and a saint,
I'm just a thought in the mind of God.
I laugh and I suffer, I get killed, and I kill others,
I'm nothing but a thought in the mind of God
I'm compassion and rage, I love, I cheat, and I lie,
I tell the truth, I'm dead, I'm alive,
I'm in hell, the place people called paradise,
I am just a thought in the mind of God

— Quetzal

Sometimes, love is loud.
sometimes, love is quiet.
Always, love is my mom.

— Lisa Schroeder

I love to cook. My mom taught me to cook at a very, very young age.

— Dexter Darden

I love all my fam. I have quite possibly the best dad, mom, and sister in the world.

— Ryan Eggold

I hate Erma," I told Mom ...
"You have to show compassion for her ... " She added that you should never hate anyone, even your worst enemies. "Everyone has something good about them," she said. "You have to find the redeeming quality and love the person for that."
"Oh yeah?" I said. "How about Hitler? What was his redeeming quality?"
"Hitler loved dogs," Mom said without hesitation.

— Jeannette Walls

I love doing TV. It's so great for my world as a mom, as someone who likes to have a steady job and go to work feeling secure because I'm with a family.

— Ming-Na Wen

I fell in love with stories watching a British television puppet show called 'Thunderbirds' when it first came out on TV, about 1965, so I would have been 4 or 5 years old. I went out into the garden at my mom and dad's house, and I used to play with my little dinky toys, little cars and trucks and things.

— Peter Jackson

In addition to that, having the items I needed to foster the breastfeeding process and give me an opportunity to bond with my baby in this way was something that I felt was so important in my life and my experience as a first-time mom. I love that I am able to play a role in giving that joy and support to the moms we will be helping.

— Daphne Oz

His room was dark until he switched on his desk lamp. I sat on the floor next to his bed and watched him counting clothes and considering shoes. He seemed so boyish right then-like he wished his mom would just come in and pack for him. I couldn't possibly love him any more than I did at that moment.

— Laura Anderson Kurk

I heard the term "mamisma" when describing Speaker of the House [Nancy] Pelosi, how she was speaking from that place which is kind of like a strong mother. Like when your mom says like, "put that down!" you know that is coming from a place of both love and strength. And at this critical stage in human history we need both action and caring.

— Elizabeth Lesser

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