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Quotes About Live And Let Live

What do you say to taking up our game where we left off? I was winning, you will recall. Winning, for all love: how your ageing memory does betray you, my poor friend, said Stephen, fetching his cello. They tuned, and at no great distance Killick said to his mate, There they are, at it again. Squeak, squeak; boom, boom. And when they do start a-playing, its no better. You cant tell tother from one. Never nothing a man could sing to, even as drunk as Davys sow. I remember them in the Lively: but it is not as chronic as a wardroom full of gents with German flutes, bellyaching night and day, like we had in Thunderer. No. Live and let live, I say. Fuck you, William Grimshaw.
— Patrick O'Brian —

When you were young, and your heart, was an open book. You used to say, live and let live.

— Paul McCartney

Yes. I'll accept being called a snob when it comes to government. I'd like very much to be left alone to manage my own affairs in a live-and-let-live economy, I'd like for my state to be left alone to keep house without advice from the NAACP, which knows next to nothing about its business and cares less. That organization has stirred up more trouble in the past five years-

— Harper Lee

Are we Darwinists - where we live and let live? Or are we nurturing as a society? There has to be a standard of living that we decide to support.

— Mario Batali

Maine people have a live-and-let-live philosophy, and tend to be fair and open-minded.

— Chellie Pingree

Live and let live is the rule of common justice.

— Roger L'Estrange

Live and let live. You snooze, you lose. Make your life a dream and your dreams come to life.

— Soko

Live and let live. I want to be happy and be loved ... that's all.

— Katrina Kaif

The human species was too fond of lying, cheating, envy, ignorance, self-pity, self-righteousness, and utopian visions that always led to mass murder-but until and if it destroyed itself, it harbored the potential to become nobler, to take responsibility for its actions, to live and let live, and to earn the stewardship of the earth.

— Dean Koontz

Live and let live, be and let be, Hear and let hear, see and let see ... Live and let live and remember this line: 'Your bus'ness is your bus'ness and my bus'ness is mine.'

— Cole Porter

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