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Quotes About Lipstick

Mrs. Porter was from Virginia and had a smooth-as-cat-fur way of speaking. She taught me how to say, "Fiddle-Dee-Dee," just like Scarlett OHara and she made her split-pea soup with bacon and even let me try on her lipstick sometimes as she teased up my hair in the same sixties style she wore, "Ala Pricilla Presley," whoever that was.
— Shannon Celebi —

Hope distracts you from pain - it's pain with red lipstick on to seduce you.

— Kevin James Moore

When we sat down in the plane, Clare took something out of her pocket and handed it to me. It looked like a tube of lipstick.
I frowned at her. 'Is this really the time to swap make-up?' I asked.
She grinned. 'It's a hand taser. My parents make me carry one.' She took the cap off and pointed to the metal edge. 'If someone attacks you, you press the tip against their skin and it shoots out a charge.'
I looked down at it. 'Does it last long?'
She shook her head. 'It's pretty harmless. Noah and Pat used to play taser tag around the house when I was growing up.

— Katie Kacvinsky

I put on lip balm first thing in the morning and always use it before I swipe on my red lipstick.

— Heather Morris

The '90s are really the 'Sex and the City' woman, and I think, right now, the new contemporary woman is the 'Lipstick Jungle' woman.

— Candace Bushnell

Every woman should wear make-up. It takes years off. I'm wearing lots of false eyelashes today, and to me, lipstick is the best cosmetic that exists.

— Joan Collins

I'm always worried that lipstick is on my teeth or caked in the corners of my mouth.

— Chyler Leigh

I can rap in a London accent, make weird faces, wear spandex, wigs, and black lipstick. I can be more creative than the average male rapper.

— Nicki Minaj

In general, men are wired to notice obvious signs that convey interest in mating - a warm smile, for example - and ignore other subtleties, like if your lipstick is faded.

— Helen Fisher

I remember in seventh grade we used to wear lipstick to school, and the teachers would get so angry, and they'd steal our lipstick if we had them.

— Kourtney Kardashian

Lips are the outward sign, the emblem of desire, and lipstick is the ink in which we graffiti that message on our smile, our pout and pucker. When a girl blows a man a kiss she is sending him a piece of her soul.

— Chloe Thurlow

Empty lipstick cases are like spent cartridges from the eternal war that is love. A used tube has the quality of those books you are reluctant to give away and they line the shelves in my bathroom, mementos of nights to remember.

— Chloe Thurlow

To make lips look naturally pink, I put on red lipstick, wipe it off, and then apply clear gloss.

— Halle Berry

Red lipstick is instant glamour.

— Charlotte Tilbury

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