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Quotes About Life Movies

Its rare that movies can sort of capture the tone of life; movies always feel like they have to be one thing or another.
— Jonathan Levine —

Tom made her watch all three movies one afternoon," Justine says. "I wonder if Tara's ever forgiven you."
The phone beeps again and she reads, "I want those ten hours of my life back.

— Melina Marchetta

I was lucky enough to have an older brother who shared the splatter flicks with me, and I had parents who were cool and involved enough in my life to allow me to see them. I think my folks appreciated that I looked at these movies as a creative outlet ... almost like magic shows, if you will.

— Adam Green

I didn't want to be an actor. I wanted to design historical movies like 'Ben-Hur'. I saw this as my life.

— Dante Ferretti

I take in a lot of stuff from real life, movies, television, news and it all gets mixed in my head and somehow turns into a story idea.

— Janet Evanovich

It takes a pretty strong person, a rather unusual young person, to stand up to ridicule and refuse to give in to temptation. There are so many things today in modern music, on television, and in the movies that portray a life that is nowhere near the life the Lord would have us live. Consequently, we cannot afford to turn to the radio, television, or Hollywood to take our cues about what is right and what is wrong. It is scary to realize that the more we are exposed to Hollywood's version of life, the more we gradually begin to accept it.

— Robert L. Millet

I don't make rules myself. I didn't study enough to be able to make them. I'm too stupid. I spend my whole life making movies, so I have to enjoy it. Even at times when we had a very tight and difficult schedule, it was always enjoyable. Of course I wonder if the film will be successful afterwards. It's wonderful if a film becomes successful as a result of the enjoyment that we had

— Takashi Miike

I like Star Wars, it's fun and I enjoy doing it. But it's definitely not my life. I'm a bigger movie fan than I am Star Wars fan. I like making movies.

— George Lucas

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