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Quotes About Life And Art

Thats the difference between life and art, of course. Life has no frames, no curtains, no beginnings and no endings.
— Orson Scott Card —

I am for an art that imitates the human, that is comic, if necessary, or violent, or whatever is necessary. I am for an art that takes its form from the lines of life itself, that twists and extends and accumulates and spits and drips, and is heavy and coarse and blunt and sweet and stupid as life itself.

— Claes Oldenburg

In art, and in literature, the end and the means, or the subject and the style, must be worthy of each other.
That which is not worth contemplating in life, is not worth re-creating in art.

— Ayn Rand

I would never live in anything I design. Life and art are different. My life is very precious to me - my art is precious to me. I love designing things for other people, but I don't like designing things for myself.

— Peter Eisenman

Art can only be truly art by presenting an adequate outward symbol of some fact in the interior life.

— Margaret Fuller

If the universal is the essential, then it is the basis of all life and art. Recognizing and uniting with the universal therefore gives us the greatest aesthetic satisfaction, the greatest emotion of beauty.

— Piet Mondrian

I don't like purely philosophical works. I think a little philosophy should be added to life and art by way of seasoning, but to make it one's specialty seems to me as strange as eating nothing but horseradish.
- Lara, from Doctor Zhivago

— Boris Pasternak

It would be possible, in theory, for life and art to be reversed.

— Jonathan Safran Foer

My life and art have not been separated. They have been together.

— Eva Hesse

The current memoir craze has fostered the belief that confession is therapeutic, that therapy is redemptive and that redemption equals art, and it has encouraged the delusion that candor, daring and shamelessness are substitutes for craft, that the exposed life is the same thing as an examined one.

— Michiko Kakutani

The word spirit comes from the Latin word for "breath" - spiritu - and the origin of the word spirituality has to do with breath and life force, the mysteries of the ancients and all this. The word is very suspect in much of the art world - the Western art world. Certainly, spirituality has become divorced from religious.

— Chris Martin

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