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Quotes About Leila

Leila was sure ifhe partner didnt come and she had to listen to that marvellous music and to watch the others sliding, gliding over the golden floor, she would die at least, or faint, or lift her arms and fly out of one of those dark windows that showed the stars.
— Katherine Mansfield —

Excuse me? You're the one who was out to mislead me with your alluring bimbo slinkiness! What if I had believed your act last night? What if I had fallen deeply and madly in love with you? You would have had the blood of my love-sickness on your hands, Leila Folger.

— Lani Wendt Young

Leila dreamt that her Soul was on fire. It was not a nightmare. Shannon was in the dream. Shannon was telling her to wake up. She woke up, burning as if she had a fever, nearly soaking wet with sweat. Kevin was asleep beside her.

— H. Raven Rose

No matter what I think about this, Leila, you're my daughter, so you are not walking down that aisle alone.

— Jeaniene Frost

Before we left them, I slanted a glance at Leila, and mischievously said, "No one thought what you just did could be done, you know. You'll earn the nickname of The Dragon Slayer."
Vlad glowered at me, but Bones laughed.

— Jeaniene Frost

Raising a small child as a woman while travelling 10 months out of the year would, I believe, be something I would not be able or even want to do, although with the amazing example of Leila, I am no longer so sure.

— Lara St. John

Over the years, Leila had come to believe that politicians were literally made of special stuff, chemically different stuff. The senator was flabby and bad-haired and acne-scarred and yet completely magnetic.

— Jonathan Franzen

I grew up around animals [seven horses, dogs and now a pet goldfish named Leila] and I'm rebelling against them not having a natural existence.

— Isabel Lucas

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