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Quotes About Kraken

Kraken is a very undisciplined book. Thats a gamble. If it doesnt come off, its disastrous. But there are pleasures, I think, to a meandering lack of discipline that you cant get the other way, and vice versa.
— China Mieville —

The Kraken stirs. And ten billion sushi dinners cry out for vengeance.

— Terry Pratchett

He shut the door softly behind him, and I threw a pillow at it just to prove a point. I stewed for an hour until I was finally able to drift off again, this time with a smile on my face as I imagined using the Scarf to dangle Ren in front of the kraken, but then in my dream I became the kraken and wrapped my tentacles around him, pulled him into my eternal purple embrace, and stole away with him to a murky cavern in the depths of the ocean.
Tigers Voyage (Book 3)
Pg. 404

— Colleen Houck

I smirked at Ren before answering. "Yes. I dreamed I fed Ren to the kraken."
Tigers Voyage
Pg. 405

— Colleen Houck

But this was not quite the right kraken apocalypse.

— China Miéville

Mara gave you my letter?"
"You must have been astonished." She had exposed her heart in that letter.
His eyebrows shot up. "'Astonished' is a mild word for it."
"But you came - so you must have read the other letters. They should have prepared you a little."
"I received no other letters. I had no idea you were in this part of the world."
She shook her head in confusion. "Then how did you know to come?"
"Yasmeen and I were in New Eden again - I have written that story for you in another letter - when a supply ship arrived carrying the rumor that Zenobia Fox was under the protection of the Kraken King. Needless to say, we abandoned New Eden and flew to Krakentown and full steam.

— Meljean Brook

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