Quotes About Keeping Busy

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Quotes About Keeping Busy

The secret is keeping busy, and loving what you do.
— Lionel Hampton —

If you are writing without zest, without gusto, without love, without fun, you are only half a writer. It means you are so busy keeping one eye on the commercial market, or one ear peeled for the avant-garde coterie, that you are not being yourself. You don't even know yourself. For the first thing a writer should be is
excited. He should be a thing of fevers and enthusiasms.

— Ray Bradbury

A lot of people live much more simply than in the old days. That doesn't bother me. Keeping busy is the problem. Television guest shot fees are going down. You can do a dozen guest shots a year, but you're not making that much money.

— Harry Morgan

The focus of Congress is on keeping the nation secure - and it doesn't see that food security is an essential part of that responsibility. Instead of putting more food on the tables of America, they are busy finding ways to take it away.

— Madeleine M. Kunin

Keeping busy was the only answer: action had always been his drug of choice.

— Robert Galbraith

We try to abolish intervals by our manic insistence on keeping busy, on doing something. And as a result, all we succeed in doing is destroying all hope of tranquility ... You have to learn to immerse yourself in the silences between.

— Lyall Watson

Once you've learned to think you can't stop. And an enormous number of people devote their lives to keeping their minds busy and feel extremely uncomfortable with silence.

— Alan Watts

The majority prove their worth by keeping busy. A busy life is the nearest thing to a purposeful life.

— Eric Hoffer

I was too busy doing my job and living my life to spend time keeping notes for some future volume of memoirs.

— Pierre Trudeau

The poet, as everyone knows, must strike his individual note sometime between the ages of fifteen and twenty-five. He may hold it a long time, or a short time, but it is then that he must strike it or never. School and college have been conducted with the almost express purpose of keeping him busy with something else till the danger of his ever creating anything is past.

— Robert Frost

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