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Quotes About Junkies

It was in these sessions that I first came across the "To my shame" technique ... You can get away with any admission, however appalling, so long as its preceded by the words "to my shame." ... The self-accusatory prefix robs the listener of the right to disapprove ... SANS "TO MY SHAME." I used to exploit women because I couldnt cope with being alone ... CORRECT RESPONSE. He didnt say "to my shame!" You bastard! You viscious selfish bastard. Its like "Simon Says" for junkies.
— Russell Brand —

[Two respondents] minimized the assimilationist implications of the dominant account; Russ Silver rejects the idea entirely.
I have no interest in being accepted. I consider this system corrupt, and I don't want to be accepted by it. We're in this together. Faggots, junkies, women, blacks, Hispanics, Native Americans, Asians, don't you see it? Don't you see that our white male government doesn't care about us? When I say this it shocks coat-and-tie lesbians and gay men everywhere. Well, I'm sorry, folks; if you had AIDS you would know what I know: The government doesn't give a goddamn cent for a faggot's life.

— Vera Whisman

The whole family is a bunch of dangerous freaks ... Most are ex-cons or junkies or deranged from inbreeding. Five have died violently, three are back in prison, two have gone insane from untreated venereal disease, and one writes book reviews.

— Tim Dorsey

It never stopped, this running. We were constant prey, and the hunters soon became big blurs: the police, the gangs, the junkies, the dudes on Gaarvey Boulevard who took our money, all smudged into one. Sometimes they were teachers who jumped on us Mexicans as if we were born with a hiduous stain. we were always afraid. Always Running.

— Luis J. Rodríguez

As sensory experience junkies, we have been blinded to the majesty in the common.

— Bryant McGill

Like pregnant women lose their teeth feeding the stranger, junkies lose their yellow fangs feeding the monkey.

— William S. Burroughs

I think you're the sort of person who finds money on the ground and waves it in the air and asks if anyone has lost it. I think you cry in movies that aren't even sad because you have a soft heart, though you don't let it show. I think you do things that scare you, and that makes you braver than those adrenaline junkies who bungee-jump off bridges.

— Gayle Forman

I used to condemn junkies, like they could get off the stuff if they really wanted to, and that is just as stupid as saying, You could grow eyes in the back of your head if you really wanted to.

— Philip K. Dick

We're not in prison, we're not junkies and we're not Young Tories ... it's no small achievement.

— Iain Banks

Three times a day Petrovich showed up at the nurse's office for his injections, always using the hypodermic needle himself like the most craven of junkies, though after shooting up he would play the concert piano in the auditorium with astounding artistry, as though insulin were the elixir of genius.

— Jeffrey Eugenides

The fact is all golfers are equipment junkies and professional golfers are the worst of the lot. They'll do anything to find the perfect putter even though they'll insist no such instrument exists.

— Dave Marr

Abnegation produces deeply serious people. People who automatically see things like need," he says. "I've noticed that when people switch to Dauntless, it creates some of the same types. Erudite who switch to Dauntless tend to turn cruel and brutal. Candor who switch to Dauntless tend to become boisterous, fight-picking adrenaline junkies. And Abnegation who switch to Dauntless become ... I don't know, soldiers, I guess. Revolutionaries.

— Veronica Roth

An engaging, blow-by-blow account of the infancy of the Obama presidency ... Manna for political junkies ... Thoroughly researched ... humanizes a figure considered periodically out-of-touch even by some of his admirers.

— Carlo Wolff

Los Angeles is a sprawl of broken dreams and lost opportunities, disconnected souls and entertainment junkies. The sunny skies and graceful palms don't redeem jammed roadways to nowhere.

— Carolyn Hart

The majority of juice-heads and winos and junkies arent musicians.

— Thelonious Monk

John F. Kennedy, who seized the White House from Richard Nixon in a frenzied campaign that turned a whole generation of young Americans into political junkies, got shot in the head for his efforts, murdered in Dallas by some hapless geek named Oswald who worked for either Castro, the mob, Jimmy Hoffa, the CIA, his dominatrix landlady or the odious, degenerate FBI chief J. Edgar Hoover. The list is long and crazy - maybe Marilyn Monroe's first husband fired those shots from the grassy knoll. Who knows?

— Hunter S. Thompson

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