Quotes About Job Offers

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Quotes About Job Offers

I had to think really hard about how to choose between job offers.
— Marissa Mayer —

For God's sakes, quit worrying about your next job. Just do the best you can at the job you have now, and the offers will come. And when they do, if you have confidence in yourself you don't have to feel that you can't turn it down if it isn't quite right for you because you fear you'll never get another offer. You will. Wait for the right opportunity, and turn down all the rest. It will make all the difference.

— Bo Schembechler

When you've been on a programme called 'An Idiot Abroad' job offers aren't exactly flying in.

— Karl Pilkington

I already get 10 job offers a year, which is more than I can handle anyway.

— Leroy Hood

Out of college, I had two job offers. One was to be a canoe instructor for Outward Bound. And frankly, that would have paid better than the job I took, working on a policy commission in Washington that focused on immigration policy and refugees. But that decision made all the difference.

— Rob Portman

I've never played a Dane in a movie. I've had offers to be in Danish movies, including for some good directors, but I either had a job at the time or, when I was available, the movie just didn't happen. Hopefully someday I'll do one.

— Viggo Mortensen

I took part in a theatre festival in Massachusetts two summers after I graduated from college. Then I was in Los Angeles thinking: "I'm going to go to New York." I'd decided that I would not have a chance of a film career, so I was about to make the move. I bought a plane ticket and found a place to live in New York, packed my bags and of course the universe "told me" that I was not meant to go. Suddenly, a week before I was supposed to leave, I had three job offers and one of them was my first movie.

— Chris Pine

A lot of the people that we have made offers to, and where we make offers, when they hear it's a part-time job, or a it's four-month or five-month job - and I understand this - they're not interested. They're American people. They're not interested.

— Donald Trump

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