Quotes About Jesus Saving Us

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Quotes About Jesus Saving Us

Helmet Use: Salvation Application: The devil wants to make us doubt God, Jesus, and our salvation. The helmet protects our mind from doubting Gods saving work for us.
— Anonymous. —

Girls, if you will learn to wait patiently and confidently for God to bring a Christlike man into your life, you will not be disappointed. And guys, learn to treat women like the Perfect Gentleman, Jesus Christ If you do, you will not only be promoted out of "jerkhood," but you will then be worthy of a beautiful princess of purity who is saving herself just for you.

— Eric Ludy

We can be assured of salvation and feel that assurance aright only as we keep our eyes off ourselves and our performance and fix our gaze on Jesus, the Author and Perfecter of true saving and sanctifying faith.

— Douglas Bond

The average person thinks that the purpose of religion is to give us a list of rules and techniques or to frame a way of life that helps us to be more loving, forgiving, patient, caring, and generous. Of course, there is plenty of this in the Bible. Like Moses, Jesus summarized the whole law in just those terms: loving God and neighbor. However, as crucial as the law remains as the revelation of God's moral will, it is different from the revelation of God's saving will. We are called to love God and neighbor, but that is not the gospel. Christ need not have died on a cross for us to know that we should be better people. It is not that moral exhortations are wrong, but they do not have any power to bring about the kind of world that they command. These exhortations and directions may be good. If they come from the Word of God, they are in fact perfect. But they are not the gospel.

— Michael S. Horton

Jesus did not die for our righteousness, but He died for our sins. He did not come to save us because we were worth the saving, but because we were utterly worthless, ruined, and undone.

— Charles Haddon Spurgeon

Jesus made saving repentance possible and He made baptism meaningful.

— John H. Groberg

While Jesus is saving, I'm spending all my daysin backgrounds and landscapes with the languages of saints.While people are spinning like toys on Christmas day,I'm inside a still life with the other absentee.

— St. Vincent

Joy is a quiet gladness of heart as one contemplates the goodness of God's saving grace in Christ Jesus.

— John Calvin

The core of sin is a lack of self-esteem ... Sin is psychological self-abuse ... the most serious sin is one that causes me to say, 'I am unworthy. I may have no claim to divine sonship if you examine me at my worst.' For once a person believes he is an 'unworthy sinner,' it is doubtful if he can really honestly accept the saving grace God offers in Jesus Christ.

— Robert H. Schuller

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