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Quotes About It Could Always Be Worse

Just be happy that it is what it is and not what it could be because after all, it could always be worse
— Connor George Serbin —

The pain of losing someone is always worse when you know you could have prevented it.

— Renee Carlino

It makes no sense to compare yourself with others because there will always be better & worse people than you out there. Each person has his own path to make. You are where you are now. Could you reach for the stars & have everything you want? realistically no. You may not win Olympic Gold in London 2012 , or be the CEO of a Fortune 500 company etc but you most definitely have the capacity to make YOUR life as the Masterpiece it could really be. The choice is yours ...

— Pablo

I took a final look at my mother's silhouette in the doorway and tightened my grip on the steering wheel.
Hades followed my gaze. "She was trying to protect you."
"I know. That's the worst part. I'm just tired of her deception. I mean, keeping the fact that I was a goddess from me my whole life was one thing, but to still keep something from me? That's just ... " I couldn't put words to the feelings that were bothering me.
"You wanted her to be as honest as you've always perceived her to be."
"It could be worse."
"My father ate me.

— Kaitlin Bevis

I quickly became aware that the phrase "it can only get better" could very quickly turn into "it could always be worse," because it was.

— Savannah Grace

How many times did he have to learn that things could always get worse? His

— Madeleine Roux

Silence reigned for half a minute, then she said, "Heck of a shiner you've got there."
Again his mouth quirked with a grin. "It'll probably look worse in a few more hours." One thing about Priss, she would always amuse him. "You took me by surprise so it was a direct shot."
Subdued, she hung her head. "Pure reaction to realizing I'd been drugged. Sorry."
Pure reaction? Meaning she was trained enough to react by instinct? Every hour he learned something new about her. If she was trained, that would be a good thing. Not that she could possibly have enough instruction to deflect the likes of Murray. "I'm fine, Priss. Don't worry about it."
"I won't.

— Lori Foster

I went after Beau Sunday. I knew I'd find him at the bar shooting pool. It's where he always goes to unwind. When I got there we said a few things and threw a few punches." Sawyer glanced over at me and smirked. "I'd like to say Beau looked worse but we both know I'd be lying. I might have the throwing arm when it comes to football, but he has me beat when it comes to throwing punches. Fact is, he could have really put a hurting on me. He spent most of the time blocking my punches." Sawyer stopped and let out a frustrated sigh.

— Abbi Glines

No. You know-having to look. It's always bad, but you get so you can function anyway, as long as they're dead. The hospital, interviews, that's worse. You have to shake it off and keep on thinking. I don't believe I could do it now. I could make myself look, but I'd shut down the thinking.

— Thomas Harris

Filming scenes like that are always odd but I feel comfortable with Josh and care about him a great deal, so it could be much worse. Scenes like that are just part of the job.

— Nikki Cox

I remember how devastated my granddad was when my grandmother passed away. He wouldn't get out of bed for weeks. When he finally did show up for breakfast one morning, he was so think I could see right through him. He sat down at the kitchen table and said, 'Nothing will ever be the same because she isn't in the world anymore.' That's how I know, how I've always known, that losing what you have is worse than getting anything new.

— Sarah Addison Allen

No matter how bad the circumstance it could always be worse.

— Randy Pausch

There is a pre-existing harmony in everything. The problem is the human being. It may be true that one single Incarnation of God may not he able to bring that peace and harmony in the entire world. It's only because of that harmony that they could create in the world and in people's mind that the world still exists and that there is always a balance. Otherwise, things could be much worse.

— Mata Amritanandamayi

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