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Quotes About Intelligence Agency

The government of Sudan, employing a back channel direct from its president to the Central Intelligence Agency, offered in the early spring of 1996 to arrest Osama bin Laden and place him in Saudi custody, according to officials and former officials in all three countries.
— Barton Gellman —

This is systems security for the Central Intelligence Agency. We would like to know why you are attempting to hack one of our classified databases.

— Dan Brown

I had been involved in U.S. intelligence in Berlin, Germany, while in the military and had worked with a contact with the Central Intelligence Agency office there.

— George J. Mitchell

I never would have agreed to the formulation of the Central Intelligence Agency back in forty-seven, if I had known it would become the American Gestapo.

— Harry Truman

Chess is as elaborate a waste of human intelligence as you can find outside an advertising agency.

— Raymond Chandler

Seventy-two moves to a draw, a prize specimen of the irresistible force meeting the immovable object, a battle without armor, a war without blood, and as elaborate a waste of human intelligence as you could find anywhere outside an advertising agency.

— Raymond Chandler

Foreigners who speak Arabic in the Middle East are often assumed to be working for the C.I.A. or Israel's intelligence agency, the Mossad.

— Richard Engel

The truth was, neither the Central Intelligence Agency nor any of the other official and unofficial U.S. intelligence organizations have ever been some kind of all-seeing, all-knowing, global illuminati. For starters, we never hand that kind of funding.

— Max Brooks

[I will] totally dismantle every intelligence agency in this country piece by piece, nail by nail, brick by brick

— Ron Dellums

The Central Intelligence Agency owns everyone of any significance in the major media.

— William Colby

Since when is the intelligence agency supposed to be an air force of drones that goes around killing people? I believe that it's a job for the Department of Defense.

— John McCain

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