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Quotes About Illegal Love

Theres tremendous crime and illegal immigration is just incredible. As far as Rubio, hes very weak on immigration, you know, I have great relations with Mexico and I love the Mexican people, and the spirit of the Mexican people. These are people just pouring across the border.
— Donald Trump —

The difference between politics and religion is that the first makes it legal to hate, and makes the love of the second illegal.

— Rebecca McKinsey

She came awake, stomach rumbling, and opened her eyes to see a plate being held right under her nose.
When she reached for it, Shane snatched it back. 'Nuh-uh. Mine.'
'Share!' she demanded.
'Man, you are one grabby girlfriend.'
She grinned. It always made her feel so fiercly warm inside to hear him say that- the girlfriend part, not the grabby part.
'If you love me, you'll give me a taco.'
'Seriously? That's all you got? What about you'll do sexy, illegal things to me for a taco?'
'Not for a taco,' she said. 'I'm not cheap.'
'They're brisket tacos.'
'Now you're talking.

— Rachel Caine

They [illegal immigrants] broke the law, but it's not a felony, it's an act of love. It's an act of commitment to your family.

— Jeb Bush

Ronald Reagan basically legalized every illegal immigrant in this country. I just like to bring this up because every week I like to make Republican heads explode about how they love Ronald Reagan, but would despise everything he did.

— Bill Maher

As I see it, out of a hundred marriages ninety-nine marriages are just licensed prostitution. They are not marriages. A marriage is only a real marriage when it grows out of love. Legal, illegal, does not matter. The real thing that matters is love.

— Rajneesh

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