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Quotes About If I Die Tomorrow

I would. I could stand on my feet without you." "And the tide would still go out without my pushing it. The spring will still melt the snow without my warm breath nagging it. Youre a person, all on your own, with hopes and thoughts and dreams completely separate from mine. Do you think I want a woman who needs to lean on me to be complete? I dont, dearling, I want only you, as whole and self-sufficient and tender as you are. I want to know that if I die tomorrow, you can support my fathers grief and raise my son to manhood.
— Christina Dodd —

Live well.
Love deep.
Tomorrow, we die.

— C.L. Wilson

It was part of war; men died, more would die, that was past, and what mattered now was the business in hand; those who lived would get on with it. Whatever sorrow was felt, there was no point in talking or brooding about it, much less in making, for form's sake, a parade of it. Better and healthier to forget it, and look to tomorrow.
The celebrated British stiff upper lip, the resolve to conceal emotion which is not only embarrassing and useless, but harmful, is just plain commons sense

— George MacDonald Fraser

Sera calls up Drew to tell him about this girl she has just met and is really into and how she doesn't want to rush into things, and Drew tells her to go for it, to not waste time, that she or the girl in question could die tomorrow, that "life can be taken faster than the flick of a switch," and Sera gets upset and tells Drew to quit the "death talk," and Drew says, "After seeing friends of mine in boxes, as motionless as caged flesh in a meat cooler, I just can't do that," and Sera says "God, I can't tell you anything, can I?" before hanging up, and Drew, ignoring this sudden silence, starts thinking about the clay morticians use to mask the truth about dead things.

— Brian Alan Ellis

Tomorrow at 7, I shall be shot; but I am innocent of the crime of rebellion. I am going to die with a tranquil conscience.

— José Rizal

If I die tomorrow, you aren't allowed to say my life was cut short at age 25. I did more in those years than most people will ever do.

— Alisa Mullen

Today will die tomorrow.

— Algernon Charles Swinburne

We get one life, Mara. You might live forever and I might die tomorrow, but right now we're both here. And I want to spend the time I have with you.

— Michelle Hodkin

If I thought I was going to die tomorrow, I should nevertheless plant a tree today.

— Stephen Girard

I wish that I was dead. Oh, they'll be sorry then.
I hate them and I'll kill myself tomorrow.
I want to die. I hate them, hate them. Hate.

— Vernon Scannell

I have seen so many eruptions in the last 20 years that I don't care if I die tomorrow.

— Katia And Maurice Krafft

If you're a serious actor, it's when you know you're going to die tomorrow that you really start to feel it.

— Rowan Atkinson

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