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Quotes About I Will Never Forget You

Youve made your mark. You made your mark on me. No matter what happens between us now or in the future, I will never forget you. Youre inside me. Always will be.
— Samantha Young —

Every man has a map in his heart of his own country and that the heart will never allow you to forget this map. (p. 18)

— Alexander McCall Smith

You forget what it was like. You'd swear on your life you never will, but year by year it falls away. How your temperature ran off the mercury, your heart galloped flat-out and never needed to rest, everything was pitched on the edge of shattering glass. How wanting something was like dying of thirst. How your skin was too fine to keep out any of the million things flooding by; every color boiled bright enough to scald you, any second of any day could send you soaring or rip you to bloody shreds.

— Tana French

When I grow up, maybe I will be
the first one to circle the sea.
Or maybe I will just spend all my day
doing everything my way.
Maybe I will be in a world of my own
I just hope not alone.
I just know that whatever I do
I will never, ever forget about you.

— Oliver Neubert

But I will never forget you. I will always miss you.

— Alessandra Torre

I will never forget your fire. I can't wait to see what you do.

— Kiera Cass

I will know how to hold you just by the look in your eye, I will never forget - not even on the day that I die. This is a promise of my passion for you, smile at me and make it true.

— Diana Lynn

The culture you live in today is the culture you have allowed. That is true of your family, and it is true of your country.
Never forget that you will shape the culture in which you exist, or the culture you allow will determine how and - maybe someday - if you are allowed to exist.

— Andy Andrews

Forget the image, forget the ensemble, forget the rumours, forget the short skirts, the big hair, whatever! I owe this to the fans and I will never forget you so I want to accept this award on behalf of all of you.

— Mariah Carey

You've spent two years at the same school as Mina, hardly talking to her, never even realizing she is alive. Then she goes and does something crazy, against my wishes. She placed her own life in danger to save yours." Her face became very still. "Now, because of those actions, our whole family has to live with the consequences. You now feel obligated to help her, like she did you. I get that, I really do. But what gives you the right to question our actions and lifestyle?" Silence filled the kitchen. Mina held her breath, afraid to move. Brody straightened in his seat and swallowed slowly. Sara brushed her hands over her forehead in defeat. "You're enamored. That's it. In another week or so, you will wake up, and this will all be a dream. You will forget that Mina ever even saved your life. She will go back to being my clumsy, forgotten, outcast teen daughter, and you will go back to ruling the school and dating the head cheerleader.

— Chanda Hahn

In love longing I listen to the monk's bell. I will never forget you even for an interval short as those between the bell notes.

— Izumi Shikibu

Kiss me in a way I'll never forget. Kiss me in a way that will stay with me until see you again.

— Becca Fitzpatrick

What you learn from bad habits and in bad society you will never forget, and it will be a lasting pang to you.

— John Bartholomew Gough

We are most blessed when we see ourselves as we are seen by [the Savior] and know ourselves as we are known by Him. In this world, we do not really grasp who we are until we know whose we are. The Lord says, 'I will not forget you. I have graven you on the palms of my hands' (see Isaiah 49:15-16). He will never forget us nor our real identity. [And, neither should we ever] forget whose we are. We are His.

— Truman G. Madsen

As a nurse, we have the opportunity to heal the heart, mind, soul and body of our patients, their families and ourselves. They may not remember your name but they will never forget the way you made them feel.

— Maya Angelou

The DEFENSE of anything is UNTENABLE. The only way to defend anything is to ATTACK, and if you ever forget that, then you will lose every battle you are ever engaged in, whether it is in terms of personal conversation, public debate, or a court of law. NEVER BE INTERESTED IN CHARGES. DO, yourself, much MORE CHARGING, and you will WIN.

— L. Ron Hubbard

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