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Quotes About I Might Not Be

I was coming off of The O.C. and had very little interest in doing another teen drama. And then I got sent theGossip Girl book series, and I was like, I might not be ready to leave high school after all.
— Josh Schwartz —

Hey, you know I might not be perfect! But I'm a wonderful work in progress!

— D.C. Akers

I have always been passionate about travelling. Credits to the books for they were invented. If not, I might not be able to reach my dream.

— Haidy Santos

But, of course, you might be asking yourself, 'Am I a feminist? I might not be. I don't know! I still don't know what it is! I'm too knackered and confused to work it out. That curtain pole really still isn't up! I don't have time to work out if I am a women's libber! There seems to be a lot to it. WHAT DOES IT MEAN?'
I understand.
So here is the quick way of working out if you're a feminist. Put your hand in your pants.
a) Do you have a vagina? and
b) Do you want to be in charge of it?
If you said 'yes' to both, then congratulations! You're a feminist.

— Caitlin Moran

What I try to do probably doesn't come out. What I've worked out what I do - I might not be right - is to do something very personal, and then suddenly I look at it, up in the air. I blow it up and look at it and then I come down again - a better man.

— Ray Davies

I also knew you wouldn't stop your staring until you learned the cold, hard truth. So, consider yourself warned. I might not be the kind of guy that reads textbooks at the beach," he said, glancing back at my open book, "but I'm smart enough to know girls like you should stay away from guys like me. So stay away.

— Nicole Williams

Every medium has its advantages and weaknesses and there are many things I can put down on paper that I might not be able to put into film or into a stage performance. In each form, one can communicate powerfully in different ways.

— Lawrence Wright

I might not be Silent any longer, but I still have the perfect poker face.

— Nalini Singh

When it comes to ... things ... about you and sex, I've always worried that I might not be quite enough for you." - Jane
"Fuck ... no ... you're everything to me." - Vishous

— J.R. Ward

I might not be beautiful, but I'm very interesting!

— Martha Wainwright

God has made me willing to do any thing that I can do, consistent with truth, for the sake of peace, and that I might not be a stumbling-block to others. For this reason I can cheerfully forego, and give up, what I verily believe, after the most mature and impartial search, is my right, in some instances.

— Jonathan Edwards

I don't know how I got to this point but it must be as a result of everything that has come before so if I were to change something, I might not be at this point now.

— William Shatner

You're an idiot. Don't put words into my mouth. I might not be happy I had no choice, and I might be confused as hell, but I am not going to let others get hurt because I'm confused. Now, let's go see this horde of scary, dangerous wolves so I can get my flesh burned and hide from the humans who tried to kill me. Because that sounds like a fun way to spend the day.

— Alexandra Ivy

You start doing your research and realizing that the fertility rate for women drops considerably. And you're like, "Oh my God, now I want to get pregnant, and now it's a crazy time where I might not be able to get pregnant because I'm getting older and my eggs are aging and my uterus isn't as fertile as it used to be and my loins are not where they used to be."

— Staceyann Chin

I might not be a psychiatrist, but I am convinced that sex is not as important as we tend to make it. First there is that little feeling, that little red flame, called love. Blow on the flame and make it get bigger like a fire, don't blow it out like a candle.

— Xaviera Hollander

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