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Quotes About Hot Chocolate

He stared at his hot chocolate like it held the secret to the universe.
— Lilith Saintcrow —

Blood is really warm,
it's like drinking hot chocolate
but with more screaming.

— Ryan Mecum

The way it sounded under the bridge when the sleigh passed over, the thunder of the horses' hooves mingled with the brighter notes of the jangling bells; the way the blue bowl of the sky arched overhead; the way the air filled my lungs, so cold that it hurt; the way the enticing scent of hot chocolate drifted from the little gazebo on the island.

— Heather Vogel Frederick

I'm alive inside. A bird is my heart. Mama and Daddy is not win. I'm winning. I'm drinking hot chocolate in the Village wif girls
all kind who love me. How that is so I don't know. How Mama and Daddy kknow me sixteen years and hate me, how a stranger meet me and love me. Must be what they already had in they pocket.

— Sapphire

Fix myself a hot chocolate because it is a gateway drug to reading.

— Helen Ellis

I love you because you always have a T-shirt under your pillow for me, even if you don't know I'm coming to stay. I love you because you know I want sugar in my tea in the morning but not at night and because you always pretend you forgot I wanted a skinny hot chocolate in Starbucks because you know I really prefer full fat but don't like to order it in case the girl behind the counter thinks I'm fat.'
Alex started to smile. So I carried on.

— Lindsey Kelk

Mormons have to have absurdly high standards. Other people try not to drink to excess. Mormons refuse to drink at all. Other people cut back on their coffee at Lent. Mormons drink neither coffee nor tea, ever, and I know plenty of Mormons who think it is wrong to drink hot chocolate, or herbal tea, or decaffeinated coffee. Or anything that could be mistaken for tea at a casual glance. Or anything coffee-flavored. Or rum-flavored. Or even vanilla extract.

— Mette Ivie Harrison

The End is Nigh!" the man shouted.
"Is there still time for hot chocolate?" Riley asked.
The-End-is-Nigh guy blinked. "Ah, maybe, I don't know.

— Jana Oliver

I am almost a real girl the entire drive home. I went to a diner. I drank hot chocolate and ate french fries. Talked to a guy for a while. Laughed a couple of times. A little like ice-skating for the first time, wobbly, but I did it.

— Laurie Halse Anderson

Bed rest and a large steaming mug of hot chocolate. I always find that cheers me up.

— J.K. Rowling

I've got this thing for spicy stuff. Now, if you give me hot chocolate with chili pepper, a book and a bubble bath, I'm a happy girl.

— Shiloh Walker

My favorite thing about the holiday season is the lights! I love walking around with family, friends, and a cup of peppermint hot chocolate to look at all the beautiful lights and decorations.

— Caroline Sunshine

Hot chocolate in Central Park! What was the Dark Tower compared to that?

— Stephen King

I don't really need a personal trainer or watch what I eat. I can't start the day without a hot chocolate or finish it without a few squares of dark chocolate. It's good for my mood!

— Blake Lively

Blustery cold days should be spend propped up in bed with a mug of hot chocolate and a pile of comic books.

— Bill Watterson

I think that Shake Shack wouldn't exist had it not been for Twitter. I don't think you would have gotten a hundred New Yorkers to stand in line for an hour if they couldn't have made their time really productive and organized snowball fights, ordered free hot chocolate, and, you know, Instagrammed photos.

— Danny Meyer

Perfect, that's our plan then. But you'll have to give up being a priest first. I wouldn't want to just sit around whispering and sipping hot chocolate.

— Ted Dekker

I'd made myself some hot chocolate, located a book with a lot of murder and mayhem,curled up on a loveseat near the fireplace, and was happily envisioning Joe as the corpse of this tale.

— Rachel Hawthorne

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