Quotes About Horse Racing

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Quotes About Horse Racing

I love horses. I spent seven years as a racing commissioner on a horse-racing board.
— Bo Derek —

This ain't the 4-H rodeo at the Pocahontas County Fair ... this is horse racing

— Jaimy Gordon

Women," Mat declared as he rode Pips down the dusty, little-used road, "are like mules." He frowned. "Wait. No. Goats. Women are like goats. Except every flaming one thinks she's a horse instead, and a prize racing mare to boot. Do you understand me, Talmanes?"
"Pure poetry, Mat," Talmanes said, tamping the tabac down into his pipe.

— Robert Jordan

Football is only once a week. NASCAR is once a week. Those sports are insanely popular. Horse racing is oversaturated. Unless tracks cut back to three days a week of full fields, a lot of people will really hurt down the road. Horse racing, to survive, has to go to that. Let's face it: Churchill Downs only does well on Derby Week.

— Rick Pitino

Books on horse racing subjects have never done well, and I am told that publishers had come to think of them as the literary version of box office poison.

— Laura Hillenbrand

My hobbies away from horse racing would be reading and painting; I love art.

— Chantal Sutherland

Along with my passion for horse breeding, I was a horse racing enthusiast ... In 1974 I was elected as a committee member and subsequently as a steward of the Turf Club. I had a burning desire to clean up the sport, which had always carried the stigma of gambling and manipulation.

— Cyrus S. Poonawalla

I own a horse and ride, but I don't know racing or betting.

— Michael Mann

Celaena had a sudden moment of clarity then, as her hair ripped from her braid and the wind tore at her clothes. Of all the girls in all the world, here she was on a spit of beach in the Red Desert, astride an Asterion horse, racing faster than the wind. Most would never experience this-she would never experience anything like this again. And for that one heartbeat, when there was nothing more to it than that, she tasted bliss so complete that she tipped her head back to the sky and laughed.

— Sarah J. Maas

A cat can outrace the best thoroughbred horse if only it can grasp the idea of racing.

— Mark Helprin

On a warm spring day, a galloping horse was only too clearly a sweating animal of flesh and blood. But a horse racing through a snowstorm became one with the very elements; wrapped in the whirling blast of the north wind, the beast embodied the icy breath of winter.

— Yukio Mishima

Civilization is drugs, alcohol, engines of war, prostitution, machines and machine slaves, low wages, bad food, bad taste, prisons, reformatories, lunatic asylums, divorce, perversion, brutal sports, suicides, infanticide, cinema, quackery, demagogy, strikes, lockouts, revolutions, putsches, colonization, electric chairs, guillotines, sabotage, floods, famine, disease, gangsters, money barons, horse racing, fashion shows, poodle dogs, chow dogs, Siamese cats, condoms, peccaries, syphilis, gonorrhea, insanity, neuroses, etc., etc.

— Henry Miller

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