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Quotes About Hell Dante

Surreal. It was his word of the week. This must be one of the circles of hell Dante accidentally left off the list.
— Cherie Priest —

There's a reason why the story of the ghetto should never come with a photo. The Third World slum is a nightmare that defies beliefs or facts, even the ones staring right at you. A vision of hell that twists and turns on itself and grooves to its own soundtrack. Normal rules do not apply here. Imagination then, dream, fantasy. You visit a ghetto, particularly a ghetto in West Kingston, and it immediately leaves the real to become this sort of grotesque, something out of Dante or the infernal painting of Hieronymus Bosch. It's a rusty red chamber of hell that cannot be described so I will not try to describe it. It cannot be photographed because some parts of West Kingston, such as Rema, are in the grip of such bleak and unremitting repulsiveness that the inherent beauty of the photographic process will lie to you about just how ugly it really is.

— Marlon James

There are seven deadly sins, not just one, and Christianity's understanding of marriage and chastity is intimately bound to its views on gluttony, avarice and pride. (Recall that in the Inferno, Dante consigns gluttons, misers, and spendthrifts to lower circles of hell than adulterers and fornicators.)

— Ross Douthat

Blood hell, what happened to you?" - Dante
The dark wisard and I had a mild disagreement." -Viper
What sort of disagreement?" -Dante
I thought he should be dead and he disagreed." -Viper

— Alexandra Ivy

I felt a bit like Dante, chancing upon one of his old acquaintances in the nth circle of hell.

— Paul Murray

For where did Dante get the material for his Hell, if not from this actual world of ours?

— Arthur Schopenhauer

For whence did Dante get the material for his hell, if not from this actual world of ours? And indeed he made a downright hell of it.

— Arthur Schopenhauer

Dante cuts short his excursion and returns to find Virgil mounted on the back of Geryon. Dante joins his Master and they fly down from the great cliff. Their flight carries them from the Hell of the VIOLENT AND THE BESTIAL (The Sins of the Lion) into the Hell of the FRAUDULENT AND MALICIOUS (The Sins of the Leopard).

— Dante Alighieri

Dante, I think, committed a crude blunder when, with a terror-inspiring ingenuity, he placed above the gateway of his hell the inscription, 'I too was created by eternal love'
at any rate, there would be more justification for placing above the gateway to the Christian Paradise ... the inscription 'I too was created by eternal hate' ...

— Friedrich Nietzsche

Dante.Oh,Dante.Seal me!Seal me so hard!".He grabs my hips and
pumps his toward mine."Oh,Dante! You're so hot when you seal souls."
I shove my idiot-of-a-best-friend off me and laugh."What the hell was that?" I ask.
"My new move.

— Victoria Scott

Surreal. It was his word of the week. This must be one of the circles of hell Dante accidentally left off the list.

— Cherie Priest

Tis Dante I prefer. In his Inferno he suggests the one true path from Hell lies at its very heart ...
... and that in order to escape, we must instead go further IN.

— Alan Moore

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