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Quotes About Happy Couples

As the poet says, all happy couples are alike, its the unhappy ones who create the stories. Im no longer a story. Happiness has made me fade into real life.
— Charles Baxter —

As the poet says, all happy couples are alike, it's the unhappy ones who create the stories. I'm no longer a story. Happiness has made me fade into real life.

— Charles Baxter

Happy marriages are alive and well. The cries of their demise have been highly overrated, and couples happily married do indeed exist.

— Fawn Weaver

No one had ever told her this basic fact: not everyone got to be loved. It was like those stupid bell curves they'd had to study in math class. There was the big, swollen, happy middle, a whale lump full of blissful couples and families eating around a big dining room table and laughing. And then, at the tapered ends, there were the abnormal people, the weirdos and freaks, and zeros like her.

— Lauren Oliver

She had lost interest in her marriage. There was nothing else to say. It was a prison.
'No, I'll tell you what it is , I'm indifferent to it . I am bored with happy couples. I don't believe in them. They're false.They're deceiving themselves.

— James Salter

I think you just complimented me," said Jane. "You should take better care next time."
The music had started, the couples had begun a promenade, but Mr. Nobley paused to hold Jane's arm and whisper, "Jane Erstwhile, if I never had to speak with another human being but you, I would die a happy man. I would that these people, the music, the food and foolishness all disappeared and left us alone. I would never tire of looking at you or listening to you." He took a breath. "There. That compliment was on purpose. I swear I will never idly compliment you again."
Jane's mouth was dry. All she could think to say was, "But ... but surely you wouldn't banish all the food."
He considered, then nodded once. "Right. We will keep the food. We will have a picnic."
And he spun her into the middle of the dance.

— Shannon Hale

I think it's something that needs to be said - that there are interracial marriages out there, and the couples live happy lives, and there's nothing wrong with it.

— Tia Mowry

Pritchard was lonely, and like most lonely souls, he saw happy couples everywhere.

— Eleanor Catton

Take care of him. And make him feel important. And if you can do that, you'll have a happy and wonderful marriage. Like two out of every ten couples.

— Neil Simon

Happy Couples are boring.

— Jay Bell

You get those couples who are very fearful of bringing children into the mix because they feel like somehow that link between them as a couple is going to somehow dissolve or become less powerful or whatever. And that somehow the child is going to disrupt their happy stage.

— Rosamund Pike

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