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Quotes About Hannibal

In the 90s, comedy was at a very low point, but these days, youve got people like Hannibal Burress, Ron Funches, Maria Bamford - people who can play any club, anywhere.
— Andy Kindler —

I'm giving serious thought into eating yor wife - Hannibal Lecter

— Thomas Harris

I'll take him outside and beat him for making my girl cry. (Acheron)
Really? (Kat)
Absolutely. Forget medieval, I'll break Atlantean on his ass, and you've seen what a ticked-off Atlantean god can do. Makes Hannibal Lecter look like a crybaby. (Acheron)

— Sherrilyn Kenyon

Salvador [Dali] was brought up in Spain, a country colored by the legends of Hannibal, El Greco, and Cervantes. I was brought up in Ohio, a region steeped in the tradition of Coxey's Army, the Anti-Saloon League, and William Howard Taft.

— James Thurber

I felt, selfishly, that if there was going to be a TV show about 'Hannibal Lecter' whether I was going to be involved or not, I'd rather be involved. I wanted to make sure it was something I wanted to watch.

— Bryan Fuller

The one fiction show I watch is 'Hannibal.' I love it!

— Sophie Turner

Hannibal Lecter stole Leatherface's mask and ported the slasher conventions into the thriller for the early '90s.

— Stephen Graham Jones

Main Street is the climax of civilization. That this Ford car might stand in front of the Bon Ton Store, Hannibal invaded Rome and Erasmus wrote in Oxford cloisters. What Ole Jenson the grocer says to Ezra Stowbody the banker is the new law for London, Prague, and the unprofitable isles of the sea; whatsoever Ezra does not know and sanction, that thing is heresy, worthless for knowing and wicked to consider.

— Sinclair Lewis

Starling looked at Crawford steadily, but she was too still. "Hannibal the Cannibal," she said.

— Thomas Harris

My favorite movie villain? Oh, that's easy. Hannibal Lecter.

— Troy Duffy

Had the ancient Greek poet Archilochus and the modern philosopher Isaiah Berlin been magically transported to northern Italy in November of 218 B.C., they might well have speculated on the strategic prospects. "Hannibal knows many things, but Rome knows one big thing," the Greek might have proposed. To which Berlin might have replied, "Perhaps at the outset. But then the fox could get stuck in a rut, and the hedgehog might learn new tricks." This would have been the Second Punic War epitomized.

— Anonymous.

Read over and over again the campaigns of Alexander, Hannibal, Caesar, Gustavus, Turenne, Eugene and Frederic ... This is the only way to become a great general and master the secrets of the art of war.

— Napoleon Bonaparte

Spaces devoted to Hannibal Lecter's earliest years differ from the other archives in being incomplete. Some are static scenes, fragmentary, like painted attic shards held together by blank plaster. Other rooms hold sound and motion, great snakes wrestling and heaving in the dark and lit in flashes. Pleas and screaming fill some places on the grounds where Hannibal himself cannot go. But the corridors do not echo screaming, and there is music if you like.

— Thomas Harris

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