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Quotes About Had A Good Time

My parents were funny. My brothers were funny. We just laughed and had a good time. Growing up, it breeds that. It breeds your funny. It breeds your creativity.
— Kym Whitley —

I'm glad you had a good time, Pidge. You deserve it.

— Jamie McGuire

This is an extra letter in the middle of the month because I'm rather lonely tonight. It's awfully stormy; the snow is beating against my tower. All the lights are out on the campus, but I drank black coffee and I can't go to sleep.
I had a supper party this evening consisting of Sallie and Julia and Leonora Fenton - and sardines and toasted muffins and salad and fudge and coffee. Julia said she'd had a good time, but Sallie stayed to help wash the dishes.

— Jean Webster

No, really,' I said. 'I think she's great. And I honestly like her about twenty more times now than I did when we were dating. But love needs to have a future. And Sofia and I don't have a future. We've just had a good time sharing the present, that's all.

— David Levithan

Everybody had a hard year,
everybody had a good time,
everybody had a wet dream,
everybody saw the sun shine ...

— The Beatles

Celebrity was fun, and I had a good time.

— Mitch Gaylord

When an executive walked on our floor, it was at their own risk. As far as what others thought of working for me, I know I was very tough at times, and would storm down the hall after watching some bad animation from Korea. But overall, I feel we had a good time.

— Joe Murray

I had a lot of friends in high school and in college, and we had a good time.

— Ricky Williams

At your tongue every few minutes." "I will not slow you down. I am a good enough rider." "I will not be stopping at boardinghouses with warm beds and plates of hot grub on the table. It will be traveling fast and eating light. What little sleeping is done will take place on the ground." "I have slept out at night. Papa took me and Little Frank coon hunting last summer on the Petit Jean." "Coon hunting?" "We were out in the woods all night. We sat around a big fire and Yarnell told ghost stories. We had a good time." "Blast coon hunting! This ain't no coon hunt, it don't come in forty miles of being a coon hunt!" "It is the same idea as a coon hunt. You are just trying to make your

— Charles Portis

I look upon it as a lost day when I have not had a good time over the Word of God.

— Billy Graham

Most of us would like to end our lives feeling both that we had a good time and that we left the world a little better than we found it.

— Philip Slater

My mother married again after my father's death - another Royal Air Force officer, and a very different kind of man. We went to Australia when I was eight or nine. We lived there for a couple of years, and then came back and lived in North Wales for the whole of my teenage years. I learned how to write poems quite a lot. I just had a good time reading and reading and reading. So that's where I did most of my growing up.

— Philip Pullman

Nobody can deprive me of the fact that I had a good time.

— Giacomo Casanova

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