Quotes About Grapes And Wine

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Quotes About Grapes And Wine

Fresh grapes and wine are perhaps the most luscious foods we mortals encounter during our sojourn here.
— Jeff Cox —

Guilt to motherhood is like grapes to wine

— Fay Weldon

I'd sit at my kitchen table and start scanning help-wanted ads on my laptop, but then a browser tab would blink and I'd get distracted and follow a link to a long magazine article about genetically modified wine grapes. Too long, actually, so I'd add it to my reading list. Then I'd follow another link to a book review. I'd add the review to my reading list, too, then download the first chapter of the book-third in a series about vampire police. Then, help-wanted ads forgotten, I'd retreat to the living room, put my laptop on my belly, and read all day. I had a lot of free time.

— Robin Sloan

Humans! They lived in a world where the grass continued to be green and the sun rose every day and flowers regularly turned into fruit, and what impressed them? Weeping statues. And wine made out of water! A mere quantum-mechanistic tunnel effect, that'd happen anyway if you were prepared to wait zillions of years. As if the turning of sunlight into wine, by means of vines and grapes and time and enzymes, wasn't a thousand times more impressive and happened all the time ...

— Terry Pratchett

I think you'll find that's very good wine," he said. "I know we don't get much of a chance to judge good wine in the States now, but I got this from a friend of mine that's in the business."
"Oh, you always have someone in the trade," Brett said.
"This fellow raises the grapes. He's got thousands of acres of them"
"What's his name?" asked Brett. "Veuve Cliquot?"
"No," said the count. "Mumms. He's a baron.

— Ernest Hemingway

Wherever wine grapes are grown, it is beautiful.

— Margrit Mondavi

The fallen hazel-nuts, Stripped late of their green sheaths, The grapes, red-purple, Their berries Dripping with wine, Pomegranates already broken, And shrunken fig, And quinces untouched, I bring thee as offering.

— Hilda Doolittle

Here's to the man
Who owns the land
That bears the grapes
That makes the wine
That tastes as good
As this does.

— Omar Khayyam

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