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Quotes About Gluttony

In a way, gluttony is an athletic feat, a stretching exercise.
— John Updike —

But of all the human emotions, curiosity is the one least subject to the general proscription against gluttony, and once engaged, even if engaged initially in the service of religion, it has a tendency to grow relentlessly, until in the end the scholar becomes curious about the nature of revelation itself.

— David Berlinski

We are not born with a need for knowledge, but a hunger for it. Eve bit the apple and it has been gluttony ever since.

— Anthony Marais

There is a difference between eating and drinking for strength and from mere gluttony.

— Henry David Thoreau

In a way, gluttony is an athletic feat, a stretching exercise.

— John Updike

We look to the accumulation of sensory pleasures to give our lives meaning. We have the ability now to consume anything we want and this capacity far exceeds our actual needs. With so much at our fingertips, a kind of gluttony pervades our mind-sets.

— Mark Epstein

I think it's important to encourage gluttony in all its formats.

— Lydia Lunch

The Bible and several other self help or enlightenment books cite the Seven Deadly Sins. They are: pride, greed, lust, envy, wrath, sloth, and gluttony. That pretty much covers everything that we do, that is sinful ... or fun for that matter.

— Dave Mustaine

Our fear of hypocrisy is forcing us to live in a world where gluttons are fine, so long as they champion gluttony.

— Jonah Goldberg

Your Nafs is just like a suckling child. If you do not take the pains to wean him, he will yearn for his mother's breast even when he's grown up. Therefore you should not try to satisfy your lust by indulging in sins. This will only increase the desire for more sins. The same is the case with the disease of gluttony. The more a person eats, the more his hunger increases.

— Busiri

Modern Christians, especially those in the Western world, have generally been found wanting in the area of holiness of body. Gluttony and laziness, for example, were regarded by earlier Christians as sin. Today we may look on these as weaknesses of the will but certainly not sin. We even joke about our overeating and other indulgences instead of crying out to God in confession and repentance.

— Jerry Bridges

Gluttony and surfeiting are no proper occasions for thanksgiving.

— Charles Lamb

A mind does not receive truth as a chest receives jewels that are put into it, but as the stomach takes up food into the system. It is no longer food, but flesh, and is assimilated. The appetite and the power of digestion measure our right to knowledge. He has it who can use it. As soon as our accumulation overruns our invention or power to use, the evils of intellectual gluttony begin,- congestion of the brain, apoplexy and strangulation.

— Ralph Waldo Emerson

People who acquire things beyond their usefulness not only will derive little or no marginal gains from these acquisitions, but they also will experience negative consequences, as with any form of gluttony.

— Ray Dalio

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