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Quotes About Gk Quiz

I exclusively attended public school ... And I can honestly say that on the day of my graduation, if you had given me a pop quiz on history, science, or math, I would have in no way been able to pass it - despite the fact that I completely understood it at the time that it had been taught to me, and had even made a good grade on it.
— Jessica Bowman —

Congratulations. So far, you've both scored a hundred percent on the quiz."
"Quiz?" Liam blinked, then looked at Hammer, his eyes wide. "Shit, we didn't study, mate."
"If Seth is giving the quiz, we're good. He can't be smarter than us," Hammer said in a stage whisper.

— Shayla Black

If you plan to pass the pop quiz later, I'd advise it."
"It ain't a pop quiz if you warn people beforehand. Doofus."
"That's llygad-doofus to you, and did I say pop quiz? 'Cuz I meant ninja-quiz since you'll never see it coming.

— Adrian Phoenix

The worst thing about the internet, as far as Greg's bosses were concerned, was that it was now impossible to distinguish a roomful of people working diligently from a roomful of people taking the What-Kind-of-Dog-Am-I? online personality quiz

— Rainbow Rowell

Young ladies have a remarkable way of letting you know that they think you a "quiz" without actually saying the words. A certain superciliousness of look, coolness of manner, nonchalance of tone, express fully their sentiments on the point, without committing them by any positive rudeness in word or deed.

— Charlotte Brontë

All of our TaskRabbits go through a vetting process, which includes an online application, a video interview, a series of background checks, and then an online quiz that they have to pass before they're activated on the site.

— Leah Busque

I never wanted to see another quiz show.

— Charles Van Doren

I love anything quiz related.

— Natasha Hamilton

Must've stepped in dog poop when I walked in the grass. And I knew EXACTLY where it happened, too. SQUISH I took my shoe off and went to the front of the room to tell Mrs. Pope about my situation. But I think Mrs. Pope thought I was trying to skip out on the pop quiz, because she gave me

— Jeff Kinney

What was wrong with train toilet doors that just locked, instead of this multiple choice system? If anything goes wrong, you'll be sitting there while the whole toilet wall slowly slides away, unveiling you like a prize on a quiz show. For 500 points, a shitting woman!

— Frankie Boyle

I'm still kind of a hapless character in my everyday life. But when it comes to the writing, my influences are very old influences. I love American music of absolutely all stripes, including show tunes, advertising jingles, theme tunes from quiz shows, all kinds of American music.

— Nick Lowe

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