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Quotes About Gf Bf Love

What matters most, is not how my end happens, or if it happens now. What I care about in this instant, is that she knows how much I love her—that I lived long enough to have her love me back.
— Emm Cole —

Love at first sight was a common romantic theme, but he could not recall reading about love at the umpteenth thousandth meeting

— Maisie Mosco

Do you think it possible that some people are born to give more love than they will ever get back in return?

— Tyler Knott Gregson

Life is fragile and temporary. The faces of today quickly become the faces of the past. Sorrow, pain, and anger ... it all fades-
except love. Love is forever and there after, even when we've fallen to our graves.

— Lee Argus

There are some things, after all, that Sally Owens knows for certain: Always throw spilled salt over your left shoulder. Keep rosemary by your garden gate. Add pepper to your mashed potatoes. Plant roses and lavender, for luck. Fall in love whenever you can.

— Alice Hoffman

I love the truth. It's the facts I'm not a fan of.

— Stephen Colbert

Why love if losing hurts so much? We love to know that we are not alone.

— C.S. Lewis

No, really,' I said. 'I think she's great. And I honestly like her about twenty more times now than I did when we were dating. But love needs to have a future. And Sofia and I don't have a future. We've just had a good time sharing the present, that's all.

— David Levithan

Our love of each other was like two long shadows kissing without hope of reality.

— Anaïs Nin

Love and all the obsessive behaviors associated with it, was an absurd emotion.

— Judith McNaught

Education, introspection, self-love and excellence are the only ways to overcome the wrath of ignorance

— Romany Malco

Opposition is the very spur of love.

— Tobias Smollett

Your birthday is a special day, May it bring you love and cheer It gives a chance for me to say, Happy birthday every year

— Mary Baker Eddy

Perhaps you have been ensnared by a sinful habit that you will not abandon, and your guilt is so overwhelming you are ashamed to approach Christ. Whatever the reason for your broken intimacy with God, there is good news. Jesus waits to embrace you now in the arms of unconditional, divine love.

— Charles Stanley

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