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Quotes About Getting Comfortable

There were many times when I had to emotionally come to terms with the fact that maybe I wasnt ever going to get married. And I started getting comfortable with that.
— Salma Hayek —

Wh-what do
you think you are doing?"
"I am getting some sleep, Governess. And so help me, if you keep me from it, your
lovely backside will be a latticework of switch marks."
Summer held her breath as Wade yawned, shifted, and settled into a more comfortable
Surely he was not thinking she would remain with him like this for the rest of the night!
"Captain Wade, I must insist

— Marsha Canham

Once you achieve one goal, you should be looking forward to trying to build onto the next thing, and not just getting comfortable with what you're doing.

— LL Cool J

I'm getting comfortable with West Coast style, which is more laid-back than British style.

— Cat Deeley

When you're in school, every little mistake is a permanent crack in your windshield. But in the real world, if you're not swerving around and hitting the guard rails every now and then, you're not going fast enough. Your biggest risk isn't failing; it's getting too comfortable.

— Drew Houston

For me, personally, getting a podium is not as important as feeling super comfortable on my skiing.

— Julia Mancuso

I just think that knowing about your body at any age, whether it's educating yourself on fertility, getting mammograms, going through puberty - whatever it may be, is really important. I just really encourage women empowerment and being comfortable talking about these issues.

— Khloe Kardashian

Claire found herself staring at his feet, which were in bunny slippers.
Myrnin looked down. "What?" he asked. "They're quite comfortable." He lifted on to look at it, and the ears wobbled in the air.
"Of course they are," she said. Just when she thought Myrnin was getting his mental act together, he'd do something like that. Or maybe he was just messing with her. He liked to do that, and his dark eyes were fixed on her now, assessing just how weirded-out she was.
Which, on the grade scale of zero to Myrnin, wasn't much.

— Rachel Caine

I admired fashion but I wasn't an "iconic fashionista" myself. I think as I got more comfortable in my skin, then I got a little bit more into fashion, but it's always been something I've been interested in because you can express yourself through what you wear and your accessories and everything else. So getting into my early 20s was really started to come into myself.

— Erin Brady

The best experience for me at CMU was being on stage so much, getting that comfort ability and learning that technique you can use with any type of work because you're comfortable with it and know your skill as an actor.

— Matt Bomer

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