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Quotes About Galen

Political consultants are pugilists, masters in the dark art of negativity. Which is why its surprising to hear Democrats such as Steve McMahon and Republicans like Rich Galen urging their presidential candidates to be more, well, positive.
— Ron Fournier —

I'd kill for you, Kylie Galen. But more than that, I'd die for you."
She felt a tear roll down her cheek. "You'd better not die on me, Lucas Parker.

— C.C. Hunter

Emma this is not a joke. Look at your hands! They're ... they're ... wrinkled!"
"Yes that's because-"
"No way. I'm not going down for this. This isn't my fault."
"Galen will find some way to blame me though. He always does. 'You wouldn't have gotten caught if you didn't swim so close to that boat, tadpole.' No it couldn't be the humans fault for fishing in the first place-"
"Or how about. 'Maybe if you'd stop trying to kiss my sister, she'd stop bashing your head with a rock.' How does my kissing her have anything to do with her bashing my head with a rock? If you ask me, it's just a result of poor parenting-"
"Oh and my favorite: 'If you play with a lionfish, you're going to get pricked.' I wasn't playing with it! I was just helping it swim faster by grabbing its fins-"
He stops pacing along the water, even seems to remember that I exist. "Yes, Emma? What were you saying?

— Anna Banks

Galen! The crown princess flung herself into her husband's arms with a glad cry. The other princesses shrieked and threw themselves at their brother-in-law only a moment later.

— Jessica Day George

Um, Galen ... This one is leaking."Styxx
Galen laughed.
Danae cried out in horror. " am so sorry, Highness! I
"Bah," Galen scoffed, interrupting her. "Not the worst that boy's had on him, is it, young prince?"
"Definitely not. But ... " He passed Elpis back to Galen. "I fear I have no experience with this realm of domesticity. I've never even seen a pana, never mind tried to apply one to such a small person.

— Sherrilyn Kenyon

Which would be more important to Grom-upholding the law by not mating with a Half-Breed, or mating with one to ensure the survival of the Gifts? Galen doesn't know. But even if Grom chooses not to reproduce with Emma, will he allow Galen to take her as his mate? Because if Romul and Atta are right, Emma will never sprout a fin. Which means Galen will have to live with her on land.
Is it worth it? To give up years of my life to be with her? Galen thinks of the curve of her hips, the fullness of her lips, the way she blushes when he catches her looking at him. And he remembers how sick he felt when Dr. Milligan indicated Emma would die before him.
Oh, yes. It's absolutely worth it.

— Anna Banks

This is outrageous!" Jagen bellows. "Grom, you need to get your siblings under control before I do it myself."
Galen rolls his eyes. Jagen is over 150 years old. If he wants to tussle with Galen, he's more than welcome to come closer.

— Anna Banks

He wants you and Rayna both to stay away until he announces the ceremony. I told him you had plenty to keep you occupied until then."
"What do you mean?"
"Are you brainless as a reef, minnow? You can have Emma now. Why you're wasting your time here in Eggland-Galen? Galen, wait for me!

— Anna Banks

The narrow portal opens into a wide corridor that looks like a giant jaw full of thin, sharp teeth. The rocks growing down from the top almost touch the growths from the bottom. Galen hopes that if humans ever do infiltrate this site, they'll feel like a meal.

— Anna Banks

I lay down to sleep with the resolve that I would not let Galen deceive me any longer, nor persuade me to deceive myself.

— Robin Hobb

Employment, which Galen calls 'Nature's Physician,' is so essential to human happiness that indolence is justly considered as the mother of misery.

— Robert A. Burton

Galen , in the third section of his book, "The Use of the Limbs," says correctly that it would be in vain to expect to see living beings formed of the blood of menstruous women and the semen virile, who will not die, will never feel pain, or will move perpetually, or shine like the sun. This dictum of Galen is part of the following more general proposition: Whatever is formed of matter receives the most perfect form possible in that species of matter; in each individual case the defects are in accordance with that individual matter.

— Maimonides

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