Quotes About French Wine

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Quotes About French Wine

Give me books, fruit, French wine, fine weather and a little music..
— John Keats —

Give me books, French wine, fruit, fine weather and a little music played out of doors by somebody I do not know.

— John Keats

The local Cairo clergy offered to issue a fatwa recognizing Napoleon as the legitimate ruler of Egypt-provided the entire French army formally convert to Islam. Napoleon actually considered the offer, but when it became clear that the muftis' demand included mass adult circumcision and total abstinence from wine, the conversion plan was scrapped.

— Tom Reiss

The French are often, when it comes to wine, so formal that they border on the ridiculous.

— Muriel Barbery

When I moved to Paris at 16, I held a dinner party in my first apartment and served only red wine, French fries, and mashed potatoes. Unable to cook, I relied on people taking me out.

— Jerry Hall

The word liberal has been employed as the political equivalent of an untreatable but potentially containable social disease
the kind that could be contracted merely by going to a foreign movie or ordering a decaf latte, or worse, a glass of French wine.

— Eric Alterman

It's like these people are programmed by Karl Rove. What he wants is to have liberal critics ridicule Bush because he says 'nucular' and 'misunderestimate' and talks with a probably fake Texas accent and so on, because then can come back with the big propaganda apparatus saying, 'See, those elite liberals who run the world and are sitting around drinking French wine and eating quiche don't understand us ordinary guys'; regular guys like the guy working on the assembly line and George Bush, who is going back to his ranch to cut brush.

— Noam Chomsky

Oh some are fond of Spanish wine, and some are fond of French.

— John Masefield

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