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Quotes About Feelings Alone

The idea that business is strictly a numbers affair has always struck me as preposterous. For one thing, Ive never been particularly good at numbers, but I think Ive done a reasonable job with feelings. And Im convinced that it is feelings - and feelings alone - that account for the success of the Virgin brand in all of its myriad forms.
— Richard Branson —

Stories are the collective wisdom of everyone who has ever lived. Your job as a storyteller is not simply to entertain. Nor is it to be noticed for the way you turn a phrase. You have a very important job
one of the most important. Your job is to let people know that everyone shares their feelings
and that these feelings bind us. Your job is a healing art, and like all healers, you have a responsibility. Let people know they are not alone. You must make people understand that we are all the same.

— Brian McDonald

If our children are unable to voice what they mean, no one will know how they feel. If they can't imagine a different world, they are stumbling through a darkness made all the more sinister by its lack of reference points. For a young person growing up in America's alienated neighborhoods, there can be no greater empowerment than to dare to speak from the heart - and then to discover that one is not alone in ones feelings.

— Rita Dove

And what I think is that
when you're completely alone
and deep inside yourself
with feelings no one else can understand,
there really aren't a hundred places to go.
It's like if I woke up one day
and looked outside
and saw purple trees
and red grass and green dogs,
is there anyone I could tell who would understand?
There'd be no one.
It's exactly like that.
He saw purple trees
and red grass and green dogs
while no one else did.

And maybe,
he just got tired
of seeing them.

— Lisa Schroeder

Art makes us feel less alone. It makes us think: somebody else has thought this, somebody else has had these feelings.

— Alan Moore

She looked at him; she did not speak. He was there beside her, yet she was far away from him, alone with her outraged love and her ruined life. His feelings had nothing in them to make him silent.

— Edith Hamilton

But struggling with these better feelings was pride,
the vice of the lowest and most debased creatures no less than of the high and self-assured. The miserable companion of thieves and ruffians, the fallen outcast of low haunts, the associate of the scourings of the jails and hulks, living within the shadow of the gallows itself,
even this degraded being felt too proud to betray a feeble gleam of the womanly feeling which she thought a weakness, but which alone conneced her with that humanity, of which her wasting life had obliterated so many, many traces when a very child.

— Charles Dickens

I can't be alone in this, can I? And, of course, you don't want to hurt anyone's feelings. Therefore you keep the crocheted owl given to you by your second-youngest sister and accidentally on purpose drop the mug that reads "Owl Love You Always" and was sent by someone who clearly never knew you to begin with.

— David Sedaris

Terrified of being alone, yet afraid of intimacy, we experience widespread feelings of emptiness, of disconnection, of the unreality of self. And here the computer, a companion without emotional demands, offers a compromise. You can be a loner, but never alone. You can interact, but need never feel vulnerable to another person.

— Sherry Turkle

I do not communicate by words alone. In fact, rarely do I do so. My most common form of communication is through feeling. Feeling is the language of the soul. If you want to know what's true for you about something, look to how you're feeling about it ... Hidden in your deepest feelings is your highest truth.

— Neale Donald Walsch

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