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Quotes About Fear Love

Understanding is the key to everything. To rage, fear, love. If you understand a situation, its going to make you mad. Or its going to make you feel fearful. If any of us even had a clue as to what Bush and those people were up to, wed be running stark crazy mad out of fear.
— Jimmy Santiago Baca —

I love the passions. They create such sensation! Anger, grief, fear, love, hate, excitement. The fierce emotions make one feel. Such are a gift, so one knows one is alive. To live without passion is to have no life at all.

— Nikki Sex

The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, but love is the perfection of it.

— Steve Copland

To fear love is to fear life, and those whose fear life are already three parts dead ...

— Anton Chekhov

That's why I want you there, he said. You're unpredictable, and that can be the difference between success and failure. Most people make decisions in anger, fear, love, or obligation. You make decisions to irritate people.

— Kim Harrison

I'm tired," I said. My voice shook as I tried to restrain my tears. "I'm tired of all of it. The running, the paranoia, being scared all the time, and the sleepless nights. I want a normal life. Is that too much to ask?"
"No, it's not. More than anyone, I believe you deserve it. The friends, the family-the house with a white picket fence, if you want it-you should have all of it."
I shook my head. "I am not talking about those things. I just want to live without fear, love without consequence, and not be blamed for the actions of my past in my future. I want to experience being me.

— Loni Flowers

Anywhere we enslave fear, love will run free.

— Charles F. Glassman

No longer blinded by a fantasy of perfect love, you find that you are less critical; you don't judge others as much; you have less fear and distrust. At that point you will be able to do the most important thing: you will know what you need and how to get it. Most people are confused about what they actually need, and therefore they seek it in the wrong places.

— Deepak Chopra

Then he'd come back home and found out that war didn't cause fear-love did.

— Patricia Briggs

To fear love is to fear life ...

— Bertrand Russell

The pavilion that seems to be hiding you from God may be fear of man rather than this desire to serve others. The Savior's only motivation was to help people ... I challenge you to go for the Lord to someone, despite any fear you may have, to extend love and forgiveness. I promise you that as you do, you will feel the love of the Savior for that person and His love for you, and it will not seem to come from a great distance.

— Henry B. Eyring

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