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Quotes About Faults

Of all our faults, the one that we excuse most easily is idleness.
— Francois de La Rochefoucauld —

Real love is hard because it requires one to know and accept another person with all their faults.

— Zoë Marriott

Love the creatures for the sake of God and not for themselves. You will never become angry or impatient if you love them for the sake of God. Humanity is not perfect. There are imperfections in every human being, and you will always become unhappy if you look toward the people themselves. But if you look toward God, you will love them and be kind to them, for the world of God is the world of perfection and complete mercy. Therefore, do not look at the shortcomings of anybody; see with the sight of forgiveness. The imperfect eye beholds imperfections. The eye that covers faults looks toward the Creator of souls. He created them, trains and provides for them, endows them with capacity and life, sight and hearing; therefore, they are the signs of His grandeur. You must love and be kind to everybody, care for the poor, protect the weak, heal the sick, teach and educate the ignorant.

— Abdu'l-Baha

It is the curse of the powerful to be blind to their own faults.

— Robert Fanney

What if your husband's faults are God's tools to shape you? What if the very thing that most bugs you about your man constitutes God's plan to teach you something new? Are you willing to accept that your marriage makeover - the process of moving a man - might begin with you?

— Gary L. Thomas

I had to prove that what he believed wasn't true. Prove that he was the total of everything he had done and not the dark things he was ashamed of, and I would do so because I loved him and accepted him for who he was, for all his faults. That was what love meant. Love fostered courage.

— Jennifer L. Armentrout

It's silly to try to escape other people's faults. They are inescapable. Just try to escape your own.

— Marcus Aurelius

Strive to attain to the greater virtues, but do not neglect the lesser ones. Do not make light of a fall even if it be the most venial of faults; rather, be quick to repair it by repentance, although many others may commit a large number of faults, slight and grievous, and remain unrepentant.

— Saint Basil

The common faults of American language are an ambition of effect, a want of simplicity, and a turgid abuse of terms.

— James F. Cooper

I may have many faults, but being wrong ain't one of them.

— Jimmy Hoffa

Focus on remedies, not faults.

— Jack Nicklaus

Despite all their faults, campaigns are based on the fact that every vote counts, and therefore every person counts. As freestanding societies, they are more open than academia, more idealistic than corporations, more unifying than religions, and more accessible than government itself.

— Gloria Steinem

If you're looking for faults use a mirror, not a telescope

— Boonaa Mohammed

Endeavor to be always patient of the faults and imperfections of others; for thou hast many faults and imperfections of thine own that require forbearance. If thou art not able to make thyself that which thou wishest, how canst thou expect to mold another in conformity to thy will?

— Thomas A Kempis

Chance corrects us of many faults that reason would not know how to correct.

— Francois De La Rochefoucauld

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