Quotes About Facing A Challenge

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Quotes About Facing A Challenge

What really matters when facing a challenge? What matters is learning. You want to test yourself, throw yourself into something outside your comfort zone and see what youre capable of. Your true goal is not to conquer fifty feet of inanimate rock, but to expand your abilities through learning.
— Arno Hintjens —

I am facing a challenge,
I am not facing defeat.
Remember this.

— Nikki Rowe

Global climate change has a profound impact on the survival and development of mankind. It is a major challenge facing all countries.

— Hu Jintao

Scientists have demonstrated that dramatic, positive changes can occur in our lives as a direct result of facing an extreme challenge - whether it's coping with a serious illness, daring to quit smoking, or dealing with depression. Researchers call this 'post-traumatic growth.'

— Jane McGonigal

The biggest challenge facing a missionary today is to forget himself and lose himself in the work.

— Gordon B. Hinckley

I'm no longer sceptical. I no longer have any doubt at all. I think climate change is the major challenge facing the world.

— David Attenborough

The most urgent domestic challenge facing the United States at the close of the 20th century is the re-creation of fatherhood as a social role for men.

— David Blankenhorn

So far in facing this huge [peak oil] challenge, our political/economic system seems unable to cope with reality. We are forced to carry on living in an illusion that we have so much time to adapt to post-oil that we don't even need to be talking or thinking much about what a world without plentiful oil would look like. Reality has become too dangerous.

— Madeleine Bunting

No matter what challenge you're facing or situation you're going through, always remember this. You are bigger, stronger, greater, more significant, more powerful, more resilient, and more important than any of your problems.

— Clifton Anderson

Ambiguity is really important to me. Part of the difficulty facing photographers is that almost any subject matter has accumulated a representational history, so to find a new discursive space, a space to wander around those subject matters, is a real challenge.

— Larry Sultan

Humanity is facing a challenge unlike any we've ever had to confront. We are in an unprecedented period of change.

— David Suzuki

No matter how much money we have or make, we will probably never consider ourselves rich. The biggest challenge facing rich people is that they've lost they're ability to recognize that they're rich.

— Andy Stanley

The first question to be answered by any individual or any social group, facing a hazardous situation, is whether the crisis is to be met as a challenge to strength or as an occasion for despair.

— Harry Emerson Fosdick

You can take your fitness seriously, but not yourself. That's the most difficult part: not to relax. That's the most difficult challenge I'm facing every fight.

— Wladimir Klitschko

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