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Quotes About Excited To See Him

When you were a kid, [work in IBM] seemed like an awesome job. Id get to go to work and have a briefcase. I loved how Dad wore a tie and got a car. I didnt know if all those things came together. Id see my dad go off to work and wed wait for him to come home, and wed all be excited to see him.
— Jimmy Fallon —

By the way, the next time you see a little girl who's excited for Halloween,and she says,"I want to be Cinderella! I want to be Cinderella!" you'll know that what she's actually saying is,"I want to be Toilet Cleaner! I want to be Toilet Cleaner!" But don't tell her that, because she'll cry.

— Adam Gidwitz

When it comes to the work, I'm excited to see what people think. When it comes to the private life, that's when I don't pay attention.

— Lily Collins

I'm excited to see Cassie's fans and how they react to the ending of 'Clockwork Princess!' I love hanging out with readers and seeing the energy readers bring to a room: seeing so many people united in imagination is going to be wonderful.

— Sarah Rees Brennan

We're going to Puerto Rico, where we're gonna close. And we're so excited, we can't see straight.

— Chita Rivera

It was as though committing murders had purged him of lesser rudeness. Or perhaps, Starling thought, it excited him to see her marked in this particular way. She couldn't tell. The sparks in his eyes flew into his darkness like fireflies down a cave.

— Thomas Harris

Sometimes I just get over-excited. I see the pitch and I think, 'I have to get this wicket.' When I am just looking to bowl, I am calm and composed, and most of the time I get it right. The ball lands where I want it to.

— Harbhajan Singh

As Brits, we love a do, don't we? I adore our national celebrations. If I see a gold coach, you almost need to put me in a straitjacket, I get so excited.

— Joanna Lumley

Stage presence is not something I spend a whole lot of time thinking about. On the one hand, I do, because I have, like, favorite front-people and I know what's excited me to see in a band. But I can't be David Yow [Jesus Lizard frontman] and still play guitar.

— J. Robbins

Walks are never as good during the day. At night, when everyone's apartments are lit up and you can see inside, that's where the action is. Everything about this fascinates me. Windows, lampposts, building facades. Looking into other people's lives. The way it all comes together, this entity greater than the sum of its parts. I feel inspired. I'm excited about my future life.

— Susane Colasanti

There are always a lot of jokes and good vibes floating through the studio so tattooing all day doesn't feel like a job. It's rewarding to see my clients as excited as I am.

— William Webb

Oprah Winfrey just announced that she's planning to attend Barack Obama's inauguration. Oprah says she's very excited to see Obama become the second-most powerful person in the world.

— Conan O'Brien

You watch him playing Jack Sparrow, and he's loving it, and he's loving being in that world. He's still excited by it. Sometimes, he'll even say, 'Was that OK?' And I'm thinking, 'You're Johnny Depp man, you know that's OK!' But he doesn't. He's still going to [director] Gore [Verbinski] and asking for help. It's a privilege to see the human side of Johnny. It's really exciting.

— Keira Knightley

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