Quotes About Empathy And Sympathy

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Quotes About Empathy And Sympathy

Someone sent me a letter that had one of the best quotes Ive ever read. It said "What is to give light must endure burning." Its by a writer named Viktor Frankl. Ive been turning that quote over and over in my head. The truth of it is absolutely awe-inspiring. In the end, I believe its why we all suffer. Its the meaning we all look for behind the tragedies in our lives. The pain deepens us, burns away our impurities and petty selfishness. It makes us capable of empathy and sympathy. It makes us capable of love. The pain is the fire that allows us to rise from the ashes of what we were, and more fully realize what we can become. When you can step back and see the beauty of the process, its amazing beyond words.
— Damien Echols —

Empathy is walking a mile in somebody else's moccasins. Sympathy is being sorry their feet hurt.

— Rebecca O'Donnell

Art then becomes a safety valve for the expression of individual and collective neuroses originating in the inability of coping with the environment. Its products serve as a retarded correction of perception braked by the system of conventions and stereotypes that stabilize society. They create a slightly updated system which, eventually assimilated by history, will require a new system and so on without end. Art objects serve as points of identification alienated from the consumer, requiring more sympathy than empathy.

— Luis Camnitzer

You have to have sympathy for and an empathy with a character in order to play them.

— Laura Carmichael

Sympathy is a characteristic trait of politicians and empathy an emotion of the masses.

— Amit Abraham

During empathy one is simply 'there for' the other individual, when experiencing their own feelings while listening to the other, i.e. during sympathy, the listener pays attention to something about themselves, and is not 'there for' the client. Consider how you would feel if you sensed that the individual listening to you was getting into their own 'stuff' rather than hearing and reflecting exactly what you were feeling in a moment of need?

— Enrico Caruso

I don't think of compassion as sympathy but rather as empathy. An understanding of how people are feeling, which often translates into action.

— Hazel Hawke

I believe that lack of empathy is behind many problems, and I believe that it's disrupting our society. In Great Britain, there is a steady decline in the willingness to be truly generous, and by that I don't mean monetary generosity, but friendship and sympathy for others.

— J.K. Rowling

It seems to me that dominant cinema seems to require an empathy or a sympathy between the film and the audience which is basically to do with the manipulation of the emotions and it seems to me again
and this is a very subjective position
that most cinema seems to trivialise the emotions, sentimentalising or romanticising them.

— Peter Greenaway

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