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Quotes About Easy To Get Girl

People listen to music for different reasons. Some people, -its background music— but other people need it to survive. Other people need music to get things out and maybe thats just where Im coming from, you know, when things werent easy for me, growing up. You know, music, I felt, saved my life. Pete Townshend, wherever you are, Pete, you saved my life. You know, whether he knows it or not. I wouldnt be here. And I had absolutely nothing else besides music. And so thats still, you know, thats in me, and so if were gonna play, if were gonna get up and play, or write a song, you know, write about something that means something. You know, why write about, you know, Oh, pretty day, or, Pretty girl or Pretty people, theres nothing ... people have different reasons for listening and playing. I need to —for me-, its much more.. religious!
— Eddie Vedder —

When he raises a brow in surprise, I give him a look that must be bordering on feral. "I'm craving a heaping bucket of crispy fried chicken with a side of biscuits like you wouldn't believe." "And she eats," he says to the car. "A girl after my own heart." "Just drive, Cupcake." "Easy now, Special Sauce, I'll get you your chicken.

— Anonymous.

All around her it was like that: a fast crack on the head if you let the hunger show so she decided then and there at the age of twelve in Baltimore never to be broken in the hands of any man. Whatever it took
knife blades or screaming teeth
Never. And yes, she would tap dance, and yes, she would skate, but she would do it with a frown, pugnacious lips and scary eyes, because Never. And anybody who wanted nice from this little colored girl would have to get it with pliers and chloroform, because Never. When her mother died and she went to Philadelphia and then away to school, she was so quick to learn, but no touchee, teacher, and no, I do not smile, because Never. It smoothed out a little as she grew older. The pugnacious lips became a seductive pout
eyes more heated than scary. But beneath the easy manners was a claw always ready to rein in the dogs, because Never.

— Toni Morrison

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