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Quotes About Dudes

For the same work, dudes get paid more
— Rachel Maddow —

This dudes nuttier than squirrel shit.
-Ty Henderson

— Madeleine Urban

We have a six-month-old son. When he was first born and I was walking him, I kept on running into these guys in the neighborhood. They were always like, "Hey dude, welcome to the club!" And I'm like, "Wow, what club did I join?" It confused me and I didn't feel comfortable with it at all. How could something so organic - what is more organic than the birth of a human being? - turn into a "club"? But then suddenly it struck me and I was like, "Wait a minute! I'm a fucking punk!" I've always felt like a freak, it's just that I had never a parent before. And I realized that these were the same dudes who used to say, "What's with your hair? Are you a fag?".

— Ian MacKaye

Some dudes just know what they know, and they are fine with it. They might obsess with sex as much as you do, but never really explore some of the more advanced topics. These guys need their horizons expanded and you are just the girl to do it for him.

— Roberto Hogue

The homeless dudes on Alameda all have legs any runway model would kill for, and sometimes I think of giving them money, but- I don't know, I've got bills to not pay, and drinks to make people buy for me.

— Kris Kidd

'This girl is fucking crazy. I like her,' Andre chuckles.
'I hate to break it to ya, dude, but I hear you're queer,' Max whispers with apparent regret. 'But I'd totally blow you in the bathroom if you're into it. Got a thing for black dudes. Huge penises.'
'Max!' Brayden gasps, then starts laughing his ass off. 'Holy shit!'
Andre laughs with him and Jenner smiles. Wrapping an arm around Max companionably, Andre draws her to his side.
'See?' Max says to them. 'Works every time. Honesty. God bless it.'

— Lynn Kelling

This country was built on the backs of dudes who drank on buses. What we do honors them.

— Sam Lipsyte

Don't get too hung up on working with any one person, because it's like a game of checkers where dudes are hopping over one another all the time, shouting, "King me, motherfucker!" It's checkers, yo. But with a lot of money at stake.

— Ice-T

It's not simply that these "cool dudes" deny climate science because it threatens to upend their dominance-based worldview. It is that their dominance-based worldview provides them with the intellectual tools to write off huge swaths of humanity, and indeed, to rationalize profiting from the meltdown.

— Naomi Klein

When I'm not in the booth, I'm one of the most laid-back guys. But growing up, I liked DMX, Jay-Z, 50 Cent, and T.I. - dudes that went all out on the track. My first songs were energetic because I liked their energy.

— Meek Mill

The Hulk has an awesome superpower. He turns into this giant monster that can eliminate several dudes at once.

— Ty Simpkins

'Mojave' is a very wild, throwback film with these two dudes going after each other.

— Oscar Isaac

So one time for my disillusioned artists, I hear ya Two times for the kid that air-guitars in the mirror Three times for the 9-to-5-in' bus ridin' dudes And four times for my dreamers, yo I'm just like you That's why I sing for my queens with their own pair of wings My brothers flyin' beside me, drama behind me Mama tried to find me, she inquired emphatically I was in the sky with all these other ghetto kids, defying gravity, uh

— Danny Denzongpa

Simon rolled his eyes. Apparently, all Shadowhunter dudes were underwear models, including his new roommate. His life was a joke. Julie seemed

— Cassandra Clare

Everyone expects us to be assholes nowadays. I think we've let them down. We're regular dudes and dorky kids. Success doesn't mean you have to change.

— Mikey Way

My wife has dated broke black dudes.

— Kanye West

I hate it when you really think you're getting something good ... and you don't listen to your dudes when you really should.

— Donald Glover

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