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Quotes About Documentary

Im Mins fairy godmother, Charm Boy, Liza said, frowning down at him. And if you dont give her a happily ever after, Im going to come back and beat you to death with a snow globe. What happened to "bibbity bobbity boo"? Cal asked Min. That was Disney, honey, Min said. It wasnt a documentary.
— Jennifer Crusie —

It is a very risky thing for anyone to go about proclaiming the truth simply because he finds himself in possession of concrete documentary proofs or on the evidence of his own eyes, which is always overestimated.

— Jorge Amado

I just watched this documentary on the mating habits of whiptail lizards and trust me, if those things can make it happen, you can too, my friend.

— Robin Bielman

But I can say what interests me about documentary is the fact that you don't know how the story ends at the onset - that you are investigating, with a camera, and the story emerges as you go along.

— Errol Morris

When I graduated from Brown after majoring in women's studies, I made my first PBS documentary, 'Women of Substance.' My first feature documentary was called 'American Hollow,' which I did for HBO and was at the Sundance Film Festival.

— Rory Kennedy

I'm pretty interested in documentary film, and I'd watch almost anything. At some point, I stumbled upon 'shoot interviews' and found out that wrestlers were now talking openly about things that were going on in wrestling that we as viewers were not privy to. This fascinated me.

— Box Brown

Edgar Degas's famous sculpture, 'Little Dancer Aged Fourteen,' served as my muse for 'The Painted Girls.' I came upon a television documentary on the work, and as someone who held the sculpture in high esteem and who largely considered ballet to be the high-minded pursuit of privileged young girls, I was struck by what I would learn.

— Cathy Marie Buchanan

And shooting things in a documentary style was a good way to create tension and energy without money.

— Michael Patrick Jann

Everything I've made - it doesn't mean they've all been good - but everything I've made so far, big or little, fiction or documentary, has been something that I've been really enthusiastic about.

— Jonathan Demme

For me, every film is actually a form of documentary.

— Ira Sachs

I wouldn't do nudity in films. For me, personally ... To act with my clothes on is a performance; to act with my clothes off is a documentary.

— Julia Roberts

And he saw the studio he was about to abandon for his bed as it might have appeared in a documentary film about himself that would reveal to a curious world how a masterpiece was born.

— Ian McEwan

There's a great documentary on Tupac called 'Resurrection' about the last few years of Tupac's life and how he transformed. And, ironically, how this East Coast rapper became this West Coast icon, back when all that Death Row/Sean Combs stuff was going on.

— Marco Rubio

Thhe essence of documentary filmmaking is how you manipulate the material to create an emotional impact, as opposed to just delivering information.

— Richard Ray Perez

All of these years that I have been singing, no one has done a documentary about my music as far as I'm concerned.

— Ruth Brown

I'm not a fan of the Eagles, but I've watched their documentary numerous times and everyone who's watched it with me has sung along to the songs, much to my dismay.

— Bill Hader

For a documentary it's so important to find the characters and to find people who will give you access to film

— Adam McKay

I tried [being a mogul]. It bores me. I don't really want to produce other people's movies. Because they're either grown-up filmmakers like Steven Soderbergh or Kathryn Bigelow that didn't really need me - and I've produced both of them. It's fun to sit around with them and be collegial, but they don't need me. They can make the film without me. I make my own stuff. There are tons and tons of other things I'm interested in that have nothing to do with movies or are documentary projects.

— James Cameron

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