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Quotes About Digital

In April 2013, Nathaniel Popper of The New York Times reported on Bitcoin in an article titled, Digital Money is Gaining Champions in the Real World.
— Steve Hanke —

When I work with experimental gadgets, like new variations on virtual reality, in a lab environment, I am always reminded of how small changes in the details of a digital design can have profound unforeseen effects on the experiences of the humans who are playing with it. The slightest change in something as seemingly trivial as the use of a button can sometimes completely alter behavior patterns.
For instance, Stanford University researcher Jeremy Bailenson has demonstrated that changing the height of one's avatar in immersive virtual reality transforms self-esteem and social self-perception. Technologies are extensions of ourselves, and, like the avatars in Jeremy's lab, our identities can be shifted by the quirks of gadgets. It is impossible to work with information technology without also engaging in social engineering.

— Jaron Lanier

Finally, I was struck by how the truest creativity of the digital age came from those who were able to connect the arts and sciences.

— Walter Isaacson

When you're dealing with digital goods, you don't have to be tied to one URL.

— Jason Kilar

Soon the digital divide will not be between the haves and the have-nots. It will be between the know-hows and the non-know-hows.

— Howard Rheingold

A national security letter cannot be used to authorize eavesdropping or to read the contents of e-mail. But it does permit investigators to trace revealing paths through the private affairs of a modern digital citizen.

— Barton Gellman

There are few colonial nations anymore. Instead, we are colonized by financial institutions beyond our political control. We are colonized with pens and papers and millions of little digital bursts transferring billions of dollars all over the globe in the blink of an eye.

— Charlie Pierce

A lot of the stuff in 'Speed Racer' has never been done before, from it having a multi-tone, to it having a retro-cool family movie, to having the photo-realism with the CG-backgrounds and infinite focus the way they worked with these digital cameras, to even the color experimentation.

— Emile Hirsch

The proper artistic response to digital technology is to
embrace it as a new window on everything thats eternally
human, and to use it with passion, wisdom, fearlessness and joy

— Ralph Lombreglia

The images are compositions of photos superimposed over painted backgrounds, then finished off with digital alterations.

— Loretta Lux

I get the sense many people are unsure about their digital media allocation. Even those who believe they are progressive in their thinking wonder if they have got it right.

— Mark Renshaw

I like film because it brings you very close to the absurd reality that you might spend a day shooting and not get a single image that you like or works, and you won't really know for a few days at least as you wait. It connects you and grounds you to a material reality and a patience that seems lost with digital. I also think the grain texture remains forever different, and in my opinion, what I find to be more beautiful.

— Anton Yelchin

Steven Spielberg makes Minority Report with the newest digital technology; other directors seem to be trying to make their movies from it.

— Roger Ebert

Custom developed digital weapons, cyber weapons nowadays typically chain together a number of zero-day exploits that are targeted against the specific site, the specific target that they want to hit. But it depends, this level of sophistication, on the budget and the quality of the actor who's instigating the attack. If it's a country that's less poor or less sophisticated, it'll be a less sophisticated attack.

— Edward Snowden

I dream of a Digital India where cyber security becomes an integral part of our National Security.

— Narendra Modi

I dream of a Digital India where Government proactively engages with the people through Social Media.

— Narendra Modi

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