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Quotes About Dialogue

He had seemed a man with whom the right kind of dialogue would be possible.
— Ali Smith —

There are two sides to every dialogue, but if you accept the other side's terms without demanding equal time for your own, then they control the debate and its outcome.

— David Weber

Most of all I found myself listening- listening in the acutely active way that makes dialogue a truly hermeneutical act. Hermeneutics is the science of the interpretation of texts. Hermeneutics helps bring the meanings in texts to expression. Conversation as a hermeneutical enterprise helps persons bring their own meanings to expression. With sensitive, active listening we "hear out of" each other things we needed to bring to word but could not, without an other. This is Martin Buber's "I Thou" relationship with its dialogical transcendence; this is Reuel Howe's "miracle of dialogue.

— James W. Fowler

Real life is sometimes boring, rarely conclusive and boy, does the dialogue need work.

— Sarah Rees Brennan

I kind of liked that, actually. You couldn't multitask while talking to him. The dialogue required one hundred percent focus. If all conversations were like that, I imagined people wouldn't say so much stupid garbage.

— Rick Riordan

Nd how sometimes when she can't get her clients talking about what happened over there she'll get a map of the country, an appropriate map for their world, and pinpoint where they last lived, where their family went missing.
Sometimes they would be reluctant to talk, but when they saw the map they would point to a place and say, "There. My village,"
and that's how their dialogue would begin. With a sense of place.

— Melina Marchetta

He had seemed a man with whom the right kind of dialogue would be possible.

— Ali Smith

I believe we don't need to widen the divide between the West and Islam. Rather, we need to build dialogue to encourage tolerance and respect.

— Shirin Neshat

We ask them to remove the missiles deployed against Taiwan, give up their military threat, and instead let us together open the door to cross-Strait peaceful and stable dialogue and negotiations.

— Chen Shui-bian

Blurbs don't work anymore!" was another. "You should make sure that the quotable lines of dialogue in your book never exceed a hundred and forty characters!" seemed at best debatable.

— Scott Westerfeld

I think a lot of the most interesting work in art and in films are often kind of polarized opinions and affect people in very different ways, which may be less successful commercially, but they elicit a dialogue that's quite interesting.

— Lily Cole

Jihad and the rifle alone. NO negotiations, NO conferences and NO dialogue

— Sheikh Abdullah

If I'm doing my job right, then I'm not writing the dialogue; the characters are saying the dialogue, and I'm just jotting it down.

— Quentin Tarantino

If you were only to listen, it becomes meditation. Without meditation you cannot hear. What is the meaning of meditation? Meditation exists only where mind is not; where the internal dialogue is gone.

— Rajneesh

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