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Quotes About Developing

Possibly the whole creative whirlwind of any musicians life is based on garnering and developing and absorbing more and more experience.
— Robert Plant —

Upon the shoulders of you mothers rests; in a great measure, the responsibility of correctly developing the mental and moral powers of the rising generation ... I have often said it is the mother who forms the mind of the child. Take men anywhere, at sea, sinking with their ship, dying in battle, lying down in death almost under any circumstances, and the last thing they think if, the last word they say is "mother." Such is the influence of woman.

— Wilford Woodruff

Obesity puts our children at risk of developing serious diseases - such as Type 2 diabetes, heart disease and depression. It keeps our children from performing their best at school.

— Kirsten Gillibrand

The series of photographic operations, developing, washing, final drying, takes about quarter of an hour.

— Gabriel Lippmann

Little progress can be made by merely attempting to repress what is evil. Our great hope lies in developing what is good.

— Calvin Coolidge

Amy Rapp, my producing partner, and I are drawn to character-driven material. We're developing and producing movies and TV, fiction and non-fiction, studio and independent, broadcast and cable, theatre, and web so our slate is really diverse.

— Meredith Vieira

Someone once said that the two most important things in developing taste were sensitivity and intelligence. I don't think this is so; I'd rather call them curiosity and courage. Curiosity to look for the new and the hidden; courage to develop your own tastes regardless of what others might say or think.

— R. Murray Schafer

Getting the right people in the right jobs is a lot more important than developing a strategy.

— Jack Welch

Climate experts say we should tell villagers in developing countries to reduce the amount of cooking smoke they generate to help fix global warming. You know, it's as if these people don't hate us enough already. I mean, they live in mud huts, they have thatch roofs, their clothes are made of straw. We pull up in a bunch of Humvees and SUVs going, 'Hey, you want to cut the smoke out of here?'

— Jay Leno

One of the greatest concerns that I had when I became President was the vast array of nuclear weapons in the arsenals of the United States and the Soviet Union and a few other countries, and also the great proliferation of conventional weapons, non-nuclear weapons, particularly as a tremendous burden on the economies of developing or very poor countries.

— Jimmy Carter

Possibly the whole creative whirlwind of any musician's life is based on garnering and developing and absorbing more and more experience.

— Robert Plant

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