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Quotes About Dancing

If you listen to your body and your intuition, theyll guide you well. There are countless ways to develop listening skills. Some helpful and classic practices include: dancing and drumming, sitting and walking meditations, tai chi or chi kung, painting or journal writing. Its important to find what works for you, and even the time of day or night that works best for you. Whatever you choose, the commonality is that they all offer an opportunity for quieting the mind, and slowing down enough to be present and able to listen for inner guidance—and guidance from the plants themselves.
— Robin Rose Bennett —

Someone smashed a flutterfler and without even thinking she touched her Stone and used Wyrd to piece its broken body back together. She filled its empty vessels with dreams and it became the stuff it used for blood. It brushed her cheek with its wings, then flew off
dancing in the hot air.

— Robert Fanney

Still in one piece?" Vincent teased, pulling me close & planting a soft kiss on my lips. "After dirty-dancing with Jules, I'm not sure.

— Amy Plum

Amon's dancing was like a mashup of Elvis and the Chippendales.

— Colleen Houck

Trying to describe something musical is like dancing to architecture, it's really difficult.

— Robert Palmer

First they done a lecture on temperance; but they didn't make enough for
them both to get drunk on. Then in another village they started a
dancing-school; but they didn't know no more how to dance than a kangaroo
does; so the first prance they made the general public jumped in and
pranced them out of town. Another time they tried to go at yellocution;
but they didn't yellocute long till the audience got up and give them a
solid good cussing, and made them skip out.

— Mark Twain

It was a knife of an idea, a cruel instrument of sacrifice, but also one of great beauty, silvery, curved, dancing with light.

— Peter Carey

I guess I was phenomenally lucky that I was introduced to dancing because I'm suited to it. It would be very weird if you had this natural ability for something and you never discovered it. It must happen all the time.

— Damian Woetzel

Oh, well, my first love is comedy or singing and dancing.

— Dick Van Dyke

Dancing is such a despised and dishonored trade that if you tell a doctor or a laywer you do choreography he'll look at you as if you were a hummingbird. Dancers don't get invited to visit people. It is assumed a boy dancer will run off with the spoons and a girl with the head of the house.

— Agnes De Mille

Sold my soul to Satan. I've been dancing with the devil. So when you get to hell you can say you know me. I'm easily attracted by the dark side. Devil keep following. For that fortune, some sold their soul to Satan. Was on track for the first two years, then i let the Devil steer. Now i got to mask my tears, but allow me to re-introduce myself, my name is Cole: Born sinner, opposite of a winner. But the Devil run the T.V. so the demons in him, I'm in trouble did a deal with the Devil but now I'm pleading with him like give me my soul. I ain't ever letting go but the devil don't play fair.

— J. Cole

I wanted to be an artist, even at the age of 15, and people used to laugh at me. It was the late '90s, the time of pop stars and navel-dancing, where you were showing your midriff. I wanted to be a real singer.

— Duffy

You go to the ballet and you see girls dancing on their tiptoes. Why don't they just get taller girls?

— Greg Ray

Many a maiden,
With white feet dancing light as air,
Made happy music through the gloom.

— Euripides

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