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Quotes About Customer Satisfaction

Unless you have 100% customer satisfaction, you must improve.
— Horst Schulze —

From what I know of you already, you have quite a reputation for providing customer satisfaction."
Julie's cheeks burned. For Kate's benefit she said, "I try."
"Oh, I'm certain you do more than try. You go all out." He paused for several beats. Then, "I've driven past the gallery thousands of times and always admired the works displayed in the windows. But I haven't had a reason to stop."
"And now you did?"
"Now I did."
She drew herself up. "Well, I'm sure Katherine will find the perfect piece for you. She's very knowledgeable."
"He came to see you."
"That's right, Ms. Rutledge. Not that Ms. Fields isn't perfectly charming and, I'm sure, knowledgeable." He shot Kate a smile over his shoulder, which she returned before he came back around to Julie. "But I'm placing myself in your very capable hands.

— Sandra Brown

One, we committed to put about 650 people in the field to focus totally on customer satisfaction.

— Sanjay Kumar

Unless you have 100% customer satisfaction, you must improve.

— Horst Schulze

Downey Savings & Loan receives high ratings from its customers in California in areas related to personal service and for being customer focused. Downey customers are also twice as likely to visit a branch as their primary transaction method, which contributes to higher overall satisfaction levels. Multiple convenient locations and extended operating hours in supermarkets positively increase customer perceptions of convenience for Downey.

— Jeffery Taylor

All of management's efforts for Kaizen boil down to two words: customer satisfaction.

— Masaaki Imai

What's Your Purple Goldfish? busts a myth and reveals a simple truth about customer service. Stan uncovers the recipe for creating signature added value that increases customer satisfaction and drives positive word of mouth.

— Barry Moltz

If we have 99% [market] share of Ford Company, the question to us is 'How do we improve the customer satisfaction in order to get that additional 1% share?

— Michael Dell

The Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award, which highlights customer satisfaction, workforce empowerment, and increased productivity, has come to symbolize America's commitment to excellence.

— William J. Clinton

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