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Quotes About Cross Eyed

They were panting dwarfs, imps gasping for breath, and their beards dragged along the ground. Each carried a strange implement of torture. Some held bloody leather belts studded with iron, some clasp knives and ox goads, some thick, wide-headed nails. Three midgets whose behinds nearly scraped the ground carried a massive, unwieldy cross; and last of all came the vilest of the lot, a cross-eyed pygmy holding a crown of thorns.
— Nikos Kazantzakis —

Any more packages for Solange?"
"Twelve letters, three packages, and a box of puppies."
I winced. "Puppies?"
"They're fine. Isabeau took them all."
"Good. Who eats puppies?" I shook my head.
"Yeah, Isabeau swore in French. A lot."
"Yeah, Logan nearly went cross-eyed."
"Chapter 12

— Alyxandra Harvey

The internet. Can we trust in that? Of course not. Give it six months and we'll probably discover Google's sewn together by orphans in sweatshops. Or that Wi-Fi does something horrible to your brain, like eating your fondest memories and replacing them with drawings of cross-eyed bats and a strong smell of puke. There's surely a great dystopian sci-fi novel yet to be written about a world in which it's suddenly discovered that wireless broadband signals deaden the human brain, slowly robbing us of all emotion, until after 10 years of exposure we're all either rutting in stairwells or listlessly reversing our cars over our own offspring with nary the merest glimmer of sympathy or pain on our faces. It'll be set in Basingstoke and called, Cuh, Typical.

— Charlie Brooker

Is it worse to double park if you're cross eyed?

— Neil Leckman

What would they talk about?
Hi, my name's Vane and I howl at the moon late at night in the form of a wolf. I sleep with your daughter and don't think I could live without her. Mind if I have a beer? Oh and while we're at it, let me introduce my brothers. This one here is a deadly wolf known to kill for nothing more than looking at him cross-eyed, and the other one is comatose because some vampires sucked the life out of him after we'd both been sentenced to death by our jealous father.
Yeah, that would go over like a lead balloon.

— Sherrilyn Kenyon

Please do not strain yourself, Miss Doyle. I won't have my girls going cross-eyed in the name of art.

— Libba Bray

There's a lot of Sherlock love in here. In many ways, this book might as well be called 'Deduce THIS, Sexlock Holmes!' with a picture of me licking his meerschaum, cross-eyed and screaming.

— Caitlin Moran

If you meet a cross-eyed person
you must plunge into the grass,
alongside the chilly ants,
fish through the green fingernails
and come up with the four-leaf clover ...

— Anne Sexton

My sister Wendy has a husband and two children, and they have a family photo on top of the VCR, where they're all looking slightly to the left. As though something is going on over there! I guess something happened over to the left that made everybody happy! Except my sister is cross-eyed, so she can't quite pull it off. One eye is right-on.

— Mitch Hedberg

A woman, like a cross-eyed man, looks one way, but goes another
hence her mysteriousness.

— Austin O'Malley

This woman was so cross-eyed. She can go to a tennis match and never move her head.

— Phyllis Diller

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