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Quotes About Crazy World

It is true that women tend to be more identified with their bodies because in this crazy world, both men and women measure womens value as human beings in relationship to their physical appearance.
— Andrew Cohen —

Starting in 1792 with George Washington, there were financial crises every ten to fifteen years. Panics, bank runs, credit freezes, crashes, depressions. People lost their farms, families were wiped out. This went on for more than a hundred years, until the Great Depression, when Oklahoma turned to dust. "We can do better than this." Americans said. "We don't need to go back to the boom-and-bust cycle." The Great Depression produced three regulations:
The FDIC-your bank deposits were safe.
Glass-Steagall-banks couldn't go crazy with your money.
The SEC-stock markets would be tightly controlled.
For fifty years, these rules kept America from having another financial crisis. Not one panic or meltdown or freeze. They gave Americans security and prosperity. Banking was dull. The country produced the greatest middle class the world had ever seen.

— Elizabeth Warren

Crazy world or maybe it's just the view we have of it, looking through a crack in the door, never being able to see the whole room, the whole picture.

— Judith Guest

The fact is we all know that there exists in the world an order different from that in which we pass our days. If we reveal its existence people think that we are crazy.

— Andrei Codrescu

In the crazy world of touring, if something gets stuck at customs, I can do a show with just my amp!

— Kerry King

The scientists must be crazy themselves if they think they can explain this crazy world.

— Marty Rubin

I do a lot of reading, meditating, and praying to stay as grounded as I can be in this crazy world.

— Jada Pinkett Smith

I'm not talking about Russia in my music. I've never been to Russia. I'm not talking about Africa, Switzerland, China. I'm talking about me being American and growing up in a crazy world and helping to reflect all different sides of life.

— Nas

People do things in the names of good, and in the name of ideals, but the world isn't that simple. So they end up doing things that aren't necessarily good. Even if they think they're doing the right thing, but when viewed from a different perspective they can look barbaric and crazy.

— Matt Damon

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