Quotes About Corporate America

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Quotes About Corporate America

Corporate America was hurling offers at her. Thinking even bigger, wanting even more, she had dreams of starting a Martha Stewart magazine and starring in her own regularly scheduled Martha Stewart television show. Martha saw herself as Betty Crocker, Julia Child, Miss Manners, Emily Post, and Rupert Murdoch all rolled into one juicy pie.
— Jerry Oppenheimer —

Caterham realises corporate America and the American consumer market ... is the largest consumer market in the world and it is something that needs to be part of Formula One.

— Alexander Rossi

I believe that if corporate America expects consumer confidence to be restored, they must first be honest with us.

— Bennie Thompson

There are more pompous, arrogant, self-centered, mediocre-type people running corporate America who should be sent out on some postal route delivering mail.

— Joe Jamail

Corporate America cannot afford to remain silent or passive about the downward spiral we are undergoing. It cannot turn a blind eye to how difficult the experience of life is for so many of their customers.

— Simon Mainwaring

When you see the misogyny of hip-hop, it's so horrible, it's so putrid, it's so, you know, odious, that we know, we smell, we see it. The misogyny that is reified, that is reinforced, that is subtly reproduced in corporate America or in church life or in synagogues and temples and the like, is sometimes more subtly dealt with.

— Michael Eric Dyson

Competition is the hallmark of a free enterprise economy. For the past thirty years, however, corporate America has been doing everything it can to cut competition, with major corporations merging and consolidating at every opportunity.

— Lou Dobbs

Drs. Pinkett and Robinson choose to BE the message that they bring! They don't just enumerate the problems but offer solid solutions for navigating pathways to business ownership, and the halls and boardrooms of previously 'all white' corporate America. Black Faces in White Places is a necessary tool for anyone trying to make their own magic happen.

— Malik Yoba

Now, on the other hand, if we booted all the men out of corporate America, and we had all women there, quite honestly I think they'd be just as corrupt as what we have right now. I think it's best to have diversity and different points of view.

— Vicki Donlan

Corporate America corrupted the watchdogs that were supposed to be guarding the public interest by feeding them under the table.

— Arianna Huffington

I am very glad, Anderson, that secretary Clinton discovered religion on this issue but it's a little bit too late. Secretary Clinton supported virtually every one of the disastrous trade agreements written by corporate America.

— Bernie Sanders

If you look at our records, I stood up to corporate America time and time again. I went to Mexico. I saw the lives of people who were working in American factories and making $0.25 an hour.

— Bernie Sanders

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