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Quotes About Collagen

My lips, Ive used collagen. I line my lips with collagen.
— Dolly Parton —

We had the Belle Epoque. Now we have the Botox Epoque, permeated by plastic emotions from antidepressants and plastic veneers from collagen, silicone, cosmetic surgery and Botox.

— Maureen Dowd

Too much collagen will damage the skin. You will get collagen overload.

— Chris Toumazou

Yeah, some kids called me fish lips because I had these really full lips. Now I'm sure all those same girls are getting collagen injections, so I'm having the last laugh.

— Denise Richards

Every six months I fly to Dallas to get botox and I also get collagen injections.

— Janice Dickinson

Classically, cosmetics companies will take highly theoretical, textbookish information about the way that cells work-the components at a molecular level or the behavior of cells in a glass dish-and then pretend it's the same as the ultimate issue of whether something makes you look nice. "This molecular component," they say, with a flourish, "is crucial for collagen formation." And that will be perfectly true (along with many other amino acids which are used by your body to assemble protein in joints, skin, and everywhere else), but there is no reason to believe that anyone is deficient in it or that smearing it on your face will make any difference to your appearance. In general, you don't absorb things very well through your skin, because its purpose is to be relatively impermeable. When you sit in a bath of baked beans for charity, you do not get fat, nor do you start farting.

— Ben Goldacre

Basil..discovered a guild of abortionists, or sagae, that were doing a booming trade in Caesarea, and the surrounding environs. They provided herbal potions, pessaries, and even surgical remedies for women who wished to avoid child-bearing. The bodies of the children were then harvested and sold to cosmetologists in Egypt, who used the collagen for the manufacture of various beauty creams.

— Grant George

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