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Quotes About Charmed Life

When a High Explosive shell bursts in fifteen feet and does you no damage, you can bet your sweet life you bear a charmed life and no mistake.
— Harry S. Truman —

There's the good girl leading a charmed life who secretly covets to be the rare and elusive femme fatale and the femme fatale who yearns to be good and then there is their nemesis - men who dream and desire both.

— Donna Lynn Hope

I've led a charmed life. I've known people who have been depressed, and I've never had that.

— Earl Hamner, Jr.

Life was charmed but without politics or religion. It was the life of children of the children of the pioneers -life after God- a life of earthly salvation on the edge of heaven. Perhaps this is the finest thing to which we may aspire, the life of peace, the blurring between dream life and real life - and yet I find myself speaking these words with a sense of doubt. I think there was a trade-off somewhere along the line. I think the price we paid for our golden life was an inability to fully believe in love; instead we gained an irony that scorched everything it touched. And I wonder if this irony is the price we paid for the loss of God.

— Douglas Coupland

How can you be so sure that your life is the one that's charmed?

— Jodi Picoult

I am not a member of Fat Liberation, nor do I think that obesity is healthy. But I do believe that in many ways my life has been a more charmed and happy one because I was always large.

— Maeve Binchy

I have the most charmed, most - I feel entirely blessed and lucky that I have the life that I have.

— Colum McCann

The Tippoo's life seemed charmed. He stepped in blood, but none of it was his and it seemed as though he could not die, but only kill, and so he did, cold-bloodedly, deliberately, exultantly defending his city and his dream against the barbarians who had come to snatch his tiger throne.

— Bernard Cornwell

It was as if they'd discovered something that had once been there but had gotten hidden or misunderstood or forgotten over time, and they were charmed by it once more, and by one another. Which seems only right and expectable for married people. They caught a glimpse of the person they fell in love with, and who sustained life. For some, that vision must never dim - as is true of me. But it was odd that our parents should catch their glimpse, and have frustration, anxiety and worry pass away like clouds dispersing after a storm, refind their best selves, but for that glimpse to happen just before landing our family in ruin.

— Richard Ford

He stared at me for several heavy seconds and then laughed-though there wasn't much humor in it. "You know what's great? You'reserious. Look at your face." He gestured, as though I actually could examine myself. "You really think it's that easy, that I can sit here and watch your happy ending. That I can watch you getting everything you want as you lead your charmed life.

— Richelle Mead

I can bear a charmed life

— William Shakespeare

I'm living the life that I wanted to live and I'm loving every little thing that I do. Fortunately, I have had a very, very charmed life. Wherever I've been, that's what I wanted to be doing, right then.

— Tarsem Singh

You can live a charmed life by causing others to live a charmed life. That is, be the source of 'charm'
of charming moments and experiences
in the life of another. Be everyone else's Lucky Charm! Make all who you touch today feel 'lucky' that you crossed their path. Do this for a week and watch things change. Do it for a month and you'll be a different person.

— Neale Donald Walsch

To make every little thing special is to grant a magical quality to your life. Once your life becomes charmed in such a way, whatever blocks you may have experienced in the past melt in the light of that inner energy pouring from your heart. From a businessman's point of view, this is beautiful, for everything you touch turns to gold. Further, it helps you to believe in yourself. In seeing worth all around, you make your every act an affirmation of your strength.

— Stuart Wilde

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